Thursday, April 17, 2008


3.41 at the cheap place? bullshit.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Well, apparently life costs money. LOL. My teeth have finally given out. Last friday I had a root canal...well part one. on the 15th i go in to finish it. My insurance SHOULD cover a lot of it. Then...God, I have to have oral surgery. I need to have my 3 wisdom teeth removed. I'm hoping I can be put under and not just have novicaine. I'm on Codine right now lol. So I'll probably be spending $1000 of my own money or more to have the surgery. yea, it sucks, but you cannot go into the dentist with the idea of not spending much money lol. I maybe spending $2000 of my own money overall, but you know'll be cheaper int eh long run. Bad teeth can cause strokes, diabites, preterm labor and low weight babies. Here's my reasoning: If my kids are born early, I'll be spending $10,000+ to have them in the NICU and have special care. It's cheaper to Spend $2000 now and curb the chances of that happening. Sounds reasonable to me lol. im actually fine with the money thing...dont have it, but It needs to be done. Come june, hopefully, i'll be out of pain.

So, I had a belt replaced in my car by a family ffriend. He said I needed 4 new brakes and My altinator would be going soon. He said he could changfe all 5 for $300! That is wicked cheap and I need to do it, but my teeth...ugh, money. Maybe I need to start playing the lottery.

So, I will be poor for awhile. don't expect much from me lol

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


So Ive been busy....Bullets
  • I was driving home the other night when the altinator went in my car. fun fun fun. I have someone looking at it right now, but it sucks since i work 45 minutes from home. I am currently lookig for jobs closer to home because well....gas is expensive.
  • I registered to vote yesterday and bought myself some daffodils
  • David and I offically live together. Address changed, name on the mail box and everything.
  • I have vacation from the 10th through the 16th off and my goal is to FINISH the spare room, get rid of all the mouse poop, break down and thrown away that giant wooden closet, mop, sweep the floor, orginize all the thigs we're keeping and mve my scrapbooking stuff over during that week. We have some subwoofers if anyone wants them or knows anyone who would. im putting those up on craigslist if not.
  • cats suck. Marley peed all over the mattress this week. we had to rush over to petco and buy some pee spray lol. He's staring at me now....
  • Our one year anniversary is fast approching. if anyone has any ideas on what to get him let me know. i have a couple but im always open for more.
  • i think i have nothing else to say except Walk hard comes out next week on dvd.