Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I saw 2 movies this weekend and you get to hear my reveiws....

#1 I am Ledgend
The movie was good. If youre a fan of the novella, dont go into the movie thinking its like the book. It is absolutly NOTHING like the book,,,,BUT it was a great movie...even though the vampires were cgi. Let me just say, if these kind of movies were nominated for Oscars, Will smith should be nominated for an oscar. He really nailed the Man unraveling in a fucked up world role. His relationships with the dog and the manequins were touching, depressing, funny, cute, everything. Let me tell you, I did tear up a few times. Once during a flashback and once....cant say. I say go see it alone for will's acting and the dogs acting.
#2 Children of Men.
It's that movie that came out last year where all the women are infertile so the human race is doomed, until clive owen finds a lone pregnant girl. I thought it was going to be okay, but i didnt know it was going to be amazing. The movie really floored me. Clive Owen is the relcutant hero and is amazing. i really dont know how to describe it. The movie was dark and disturbing. Basically, the people vs the british goverment in a bloody worse than WW2 kind of way. I honestly would see it again. Michael Cain is in it, he based his character on John Lennon. Go see it if Dark, depressing, and making you thik mvoeis are your thing.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hahaha Layout

I wanted to use up some of my big embelishments that where

taking up space so i made a funny layout about Tyler.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


David and I decorated the house this past weekend for christmas. We kind of have a blue andsilver theme going now that I see the pictures. Our little tree Is lovely. These pictures dont do it justice. Im veyr happy with it. Outside we decorated the porch with white and blue lights, but i didnt take any pictures. Like our Door decoration? Hehehe. It may be a holiday tradition.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I got my laptop back!! woo!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I have a fever...spice fever that is. i think ive caught it again.
Check out their most recent preformance and how utterly adorable melanie looks in a sailor costume.....Wait....In headlines why does melanie's part sound like "Lady L"? Those who have the song and know freaks and geeks please tell me im not insane

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

6 mth anniversary

like the ring a certain someone got me for our 6 mth anniversary? okay, thats not a picture of it, but its very veyr similar. We went to Faniuel Hall on Monday and he took me to a Celtic Store and I picked out the ring. I love it. I bought him a spinner ring at one of the other places there as well so we both bought eachother rings to celebrate our 6mth. Pretty cool I think. We're discussing christmas right now. What to do, what to get people, etc etc. I am fighting him on the size of the tree we're going to get....and on decorations of course. We'll figure it all out by christmas day I think. We're debating whether or not to rearrange the house. I would love to but he dosent think the plans we have will work size wise. I think they will but we'll see. um....The car is working again. Just cost me $400 bucks. but its working again. We took Sarah to the aquarium on Sunday. Since she's two we were expecting her to not really like it but she LOOOVED it. She wanted to look at every single exibit...even the tiny diagramas. She loved the Penguins and turtles. When we dropped her off home, Kathy asked her what she saw and Sarah said nothing. lol. We hung out at Kathy and Ralph's for a little bit. i fed Cody and played with Sarah and her little friend Aidan, Relaxed with his family, we had dinner over there and eventually came home. It was nice just hanging out with his family. Kathy says I fit in nicly, Two irish women joining the italian clan, guess we kind of need to stick together. She warned me about Thanksgiving at mary's lol. I think thats it for now. David is out grabbing us some dinner.

Friday, November 09, 2007


just a couple more pics. im feeling like crap. ive had a migraine for 2 days now. ugh. make it go away. we're taking sarah to the aquarium on sunday so expect some pictures

Part 1

Here are some halloween pics. We didnt really do anything, but you know this is my holiday :)

I was a drama Queen and David had a second mouth. the pumpkins name is jubjub

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Been Busy

We've been busy and of course I keep on forgetting to bring my UB cable to Davids so maybe you'll get halloween pics on friday after work. Maybe...only if youre good.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Friday, October 05, 2007


Lets see....
Last week David and I stayed at a hotel for a night, just to have a small get away. We went out for dinner and it was just a nice chance to unwind. Last Sunday, We went to the hospital because Kathy and Ralph FINALLY had the baby! Thomas Cody aka Cody. 8lbs. He was utterly gorgeous (Still is I suspect) Dark italian hair and dark blue eyes. I got tons of pictures but since he's not mine im not going to post them. I think that was the first time in 2 years Ive held a baby. Sarah loves being a big sister. Shes warming up to me which is great. She let me change her clothes. David and i got her a Im a big sister shirt. She loves it. She even let me kiss her hair and she fed me an animal cracker. Who knew a 2 yr old woul dbe so accepting lol. After the hospital we went to topsfeild fair, I took david on his first feriss wheel ride. he was NERVOUS lol. I ate way oo much junk. Ive been busy at work because Waleskas nephew was killed this week so she hasnt been in obviously. We're all kind of upset so the mood in the store has been kind of low. Not much else to report. Going to david's tonight. dont know if we have anything planned. Might go to salem and hang out with the friends. We'll see.

Friday, September 28, 2007

New TV Seasons: Some spoilers

So the new season of shows have started pretty much!

  • The Simpson and Family guy were alright this past week. Not much to say about them. there was some cool Ralphie though

  • Heroes: Of course the season premier rocked. We have a enw Hero, this chick from Honduras. We dotn know what her powers are yet. She seems to kill people but how we dont know yet. So George Takei and Peters Mom like i remember their fake names...they are heroes as well from what it looks like. That Molly chick I guess is the new Sylar.

  • LOSt: Wait...that dosent start yuntil 2008 :-

  • Journeyman: So I gave this show a shot bevcause is had a cool premise. Dude travels in time to save peoples lives. Im still not too sure about it though. The guy suddenly got his powers and now he's like cool lets do some people saving. I think he jumpe dinto it way too fast and he should have still been denying it just like his wife should have been denying it. they could have taken at least 3 weeks to intriduce him to this new power so he could make mistakes and stuff. Oh well, I'll give it another chance

  • ANTM: So Before the season started I heard they were going to have more of the awkward beautiful girls and boy do they ever lol. There are really only 3 girls I like so far. i think thats the most Ive ever liked at one time lol. I like Lisa, Shes gorgeous and dosent take any kind of shit. I like the fact that shes an exotic dancer too :) I also like Victoria. I dont know why though. She has one of those horse faces, but she works it. She takes good photos and shes smart. I hope she goes further along. And of course My fav is Heather. Gotta love the Autistic gal! I would totally be friends with her in that house. I kind of like Jenah too if she didnt look too much like Robin Tunney. its actually nice to see a cycle where most of the people have an awkward beauty about them. Oh, and let me say i am THRILLED Mila isnt there anymore. She was giving Boston a bad name.
  • The Office: It was a Great Kevin and Angela episode. I dont know what Jenna Fischer did to her hair over the summer, but shes looking gorgeous. Ryan needs to shave but hey, he;'s still hot. LOL@Andy and his nipples. Another one who is looking cute who i never thought was cute is Jan. Ponytails suit her. Oh Forgot to say Meredith was great lol. I love Tobey. I think Im the only one who really loves his character. Michael, he is not Satan.
  • ER: Of course ER makes me cry the first episode of the season. That grandfather and his granddaughter jsut broke my heart. All he wanted to do was to show her about her freedom of speech and her freedom to express herself in america and something like this happened. Boy did that surgery scene with neela scare the crap out of me. Oh and Are they gearing up Sam for that TALL cop? if they are, it was a little too obvious. I do not like Stanley Tucci. We need Kerry or Luka back. More and more I'm starting to like Archie better. i dont know what it is about him.
  • SNL starts this saturday and Im going to miss it. It was either tape that or Heroes...I need to go with heroes. it's okay, its only Lebron james hosting.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Hi. We're having a fashion show at work today. So i got up early to say Hi to you guys. Hi.

BTW that picture is of me in a dress. Cant see the dress though LMAO. We were going to Mary and Andys 50th wedding anniversary.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New glasses

i got new glasses finally! I love them. they are so cute. for the first time in my life i loooove my glasses. they are black and blue and featherweights so my lenses are ultra thin which ive never had. its so strange wearing glasses since i havent worn them in 8 years. I can actually see. When the doctor was examining my eyes he did find a hole in one of my optic nerves which he says probablly happened in fetal development. its so strange since ive been going to eye specialists since i was a baby, some of the best in the country, but i guess technology is different now. I have to go back in 6 mths to make sure it hasnt grown or something has begun to grow in it. He wasnt very concerned during this visit just concerned noone ever caught it before, but there's no need to worry or anything. No other updates I dont hair is growing SLOWLY...i dont think i can reach the 10 inches by my birthday for locks of love. usualy it grows fast but when i need it to it dosent. i guess it's a wait and see thing.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New BHG Video!!!

Well I woke up to a wonderful thing!! Bloodhound Gang released a brand new video for their song screwing you on the beach at night. God, the song is HILLARIOUS!!!!! Toilet parts....unicorn that shits your name in the stars....omg.....if this is a precursor to the new album then it'll rock!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Bullets because im tired

  • Thursday i went to the warped tour. it was hot and crowded but kind of cool. New Found Glory played like a 15 minute set. They played some classics and they covered kiss me which will be on their new album. I kind of listened to Amber Pacific too. Theyre okay. too many goth teenie boppers in bikinis though
  • Friday through monday we went camping in the white mountains. it was fun. We saw the falls like Sabaday and lower and went swimming in Swift river. Of course, we both became sick on saturday. Oh well.
  • Today I was sent home from work because of my fever and I was woozy. i used my insurance for the first time to see the doctor. I have the flu and he gave me some nose stuff anf a prescription for my queaziness. Got to use my prescription plan for the first time which made is only 1.62. Waleska dosent want me coming in tomorrow so Im gonna relax.
  • I need sleep. Im sick and tired. you guys ar eupdated so shut up :)

Monday, August 06, 2007


Am I the only one on the planet that didnt know Nathan Lane was gay? I just thought he was exentric.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Who misses bullets

Well, as I wait for my get bullets.

  • Who loves Steven Zahn? I think he is the cutest, funniest actor around. I flipped by him this morning in Daddydaycare an I just remember how much I love him. Am I alone? No matter how awful the movie is, he rocks.
  • The Bloodhound Gang released a possible title for one of their new songs and it's called "Having sex with you on a park bench." How hillarious is that?
  • David ad Mines 3 mths anniversary is while we're camping. yay!
  • We're going to the Warped tour where NewFound Glory is playing so this year them and BFS. Im DYING to see MXPX, Billy Talent, and BloodhoundGang.
  • Pumpkin is a crazy and insane cat even more so than Daisy was at her age.
  • I miss my laptop
  • I really love the name Penelope. Why? I dont know. I think it's really cute.
  • I'm almost out o fmy Robin Cook books. Nooooo...Gota buy more! I just love him.
  • I miss putting pictures on my blog.
  • Im drinking ginger ale, but my fav new soda is black cherry gourmet soda from walgreens. Let me tell you, that is the most amazing black cherry soda ive everhad. drink it. you'll orgasm.
  • we're shopping at walmart today...for camping stuff and food....should be a pretty penny

Friday, August 03, 2007


Well, I think my laptop has finally died. I cant even turn it on anymore. It sucks because that meas I cant use my ipod or my digital camera or even talk to my own boyfriend online anymore. I can use the family computer for checking email only really. So, I cant do anymore blogs unless theyre at David's house or I can actually get some computer time here. Im so upset. That laptop was my life and connection to everything. i cant afford another $500. If anyone want to buy me one for an early christmas present feel free lol. I guess I will have to start saving up, but it'll still take me until my birthday unless I hit the lottery. so, my blogs will be longer between them, my emails will be longer between them etc etc. I dont know what to do with my ipod. I love that thing. i cant live without music. David and I are going camping next week and going to the warped tour so we'll be busy anyway.

Friday, July 20, 2007


two posts in a week! wow! So I did the bowling for soup layout. Just a simple one. I didnt use my good camera so you need to suffer with a bad piture. also a picture of the letters I bought this past week end.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Well, saturday night I took David to see Bowling For Soup. Ive missed them every other time they hd beearound so I was extremly excited

and nervous of course. I will lo around for the set list online, but the show was amazing. The Boys are frigging hillarious and they played somemusic from their old albums too. maybe like 2 or 3 from almost every album. Theven played Belgium which is a old one, not one I expect hem to play. UI got a few pictures. Mostly of Erik, the bass player because I may have a small crush on him....I know he's married but whatever. We locked eyes a few times lol Ahhhh that was nice. Jaret and I locked eyes too but I dont have a crushonhim lol. Well, the show was fantatic. I want to see them again. That last picture is of them playing teir cover of I wanna be sedated. Dosent look like it on Jaret's face huh? Every break in the song, he would make funny faces so the pictures we all were taking would be funny.

Friday, July 06, 2007

wish me luck

well, ive ben thinking about doing something for the past couple of days and i think im going to do it. SinceI typicaly grow my hair outt long and then chop it, i think im going to do Locks of Love. They only take 10 inches at a minumum stretched out so it'll be smcommiment on my part, probably means wont get a hair cut until my birthday, but i thik i can do it. i'ltry to ost hair pics every month if I can stick it out.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New family member

Well, we have new famly member here. Not another person but another animal in this zo, Mom got a new kitten named Pumpkin. She is sutterly prescious and adorable. Coco loves her. the other cats arent too sure. Daisy sits by the doorad watches her. Work is going well. im woring over 40 hours this week, plus sundaypay plus holidaypay so its nice...David is awesome. We're going to see Bowling for soup on the 14th. He bought tickets to the warped our anwe'e going to that next month plus going camping. we're excited of course.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Thats an old picture but im at davids right now so i have no new ones so you need to suffer.
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okay, let's see I havent updated you guys in a long time because ive been so busy with work and all my free time has been with David so :-P. We saw Knocked Up last week and YOU MUST SEE IT. I dont think ive laughed as hard in a theater since jackass 2. Im going to buy it the day it comes out. you think its going to be a movie about woe is me pregnancy blah blah crap, but its not, yea, its about pregnancy but not really. it's more romantic than we thoguht but not gag worthy. it was hillarious and Judd hired some great actors like the freaks and geeks crew: Jason, Seth, Martin, and James were in it. 3 office cameos by Steve, BJ, and the dude who plays the warehouse manager, larry? And Kristin Wiig is in it kind of playing her character of the ditzy girl you know the spacey one "Yea I gave birth too.....I have shamu in my room and we had 6 babies" you know the one. Anyway, its a must see. we're probably going to see 1408 tomorrow. we'll see. My bowling for soup tickets came in the mail this week. yay! Gonna get tickets for the warped tour soon and we need to plan where we're camping in august. yesterday i opened the store zt 9:30 and we didnt leave until 8:30 so i was sooo tired. i just signed up for my insurance today medical, vision, and dental. it kicks in on the 1st. we're about to eat chinese food and watch the shining. can you believe he has never seen the shining. ummm....i dont know what else has been going on. Daisy is good. she no longer sleeps in her little cage. shes been so well behaved this past month shes been sleeping with me. i think shes so well behaved because im barely home and she misses me. this is becoming a novel isnt it? oh well you guysd gotta suffer long ones now since i dont have time to update once a day anymore hahaha. tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous out like in the 90s so maybe we'll walk down to the beach, i dont know. we'll see. Ummm...anything else? i dont think so....ummm....go see Hostel 2. that was great too. a little mroe disturbing than the first. did i already blog about that? oh well. i havent scrapped in awhile because of the lack of time thing. pictures..yea havent taken many of those either. i have a lot of paid time off i need to take before november so maybe i can plan some day trips. okay, david is almsot ready to eat and watch the movie.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Stupid Title

I went on a small shopping spree today. i bought everything I needed since leaving cvs. New jeans,

new bra, new underwear, new shoes...Adorable shoes with skulls on them. Oh and A new shirt. And lotion. I didnt need lotion, but Ive been waiting for Bath and body works to have a savannah bee sale for 2 years and it just so happens today they were so I got a jar of Royal Jelly originally $25 but i got it for 10. Im so happy. Im also getting health, dental, and vision insurance. It's about $120 a month, but I think thats good. it covers a lot. I can finally get some reading glasses, get my teeth cleaned, and go to a female doctor :-) We saw Hostel II the other day and it was great, a little uncomfortable and disturbing but good. I'm going to buy Bowling for soup tickets tomorrow and go out with David tomorrow night. Can you tell in my tone of typing how different things are compared to like my post from last year? lol. Man I just put on a tiny bit of Royal Jelly and it smells amazing. You guys should get it.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Insert Witty Subject

so....I will probably going to see New Found Glory (and many others) on the warped tour in august and the tour have a promo going vote for your fav band and they'll play fr an extra 10 minutes. soooo, vote for new found glory

David and I are going to see Bowling for Soup in July. Im excited to see them. I always miss them when theyre coming. anyway....I started my first full week at Fashion Bug. So far so good. Last Sunday, David and I went to the arboritum for a few hours, found a bench, and people and dog watched. it was fun watching all the dogs. I also found a frog. he was cute but jumping trough poision ivy so i couldnt catch him. After that We went to Salem Willows which i never knew was there and it was awesome. Its like a mini carnival by the water, well likea mini conoey island I guess, you get the picture. We had a little picnic there and then played soe skeeball, and I kicked David's ass in pinball. Then on Monday we drove up to Newburyport. Since it was memorial day, they were having a festival which was a nice suprise. Daivd bought be a cute stufed dog. Love it. We ate at the black cow which was
awesome. I ate soem muscles and haddock. I was soo
delishious. The waitress wanted to take our picture so we let her lol. We walked by the water and sat down watching all the families and dogs. There was this adorable little girl we are still laughing about. She was feeding the seagulls and she scared one away and a feather fell off and she grabbed the feather and screamed "Mr. Bird! You forgot your feather!!" I guess you had to be there, but we're still laughing about it. umm....a catapillercrawled on me...This weekend We're planning on going to goodtimes so he can TRY to beat me in pinball. Sunday, we're just going to lounge around the house watch some movies. Our district manager is coming into work today so I need to look really nice "oooh youre the ew assistant manager?" I can just see it now....i'll try not to have a week between my posts this time.

Friday, May 25, 2007


i havent posted you can see lol. I did this layout awhile ago but didnt get a chance to post it. its just a simple layout about Daisy. Let's see....Things are going so well between me and David. We are planning a fun weekend since he has a long weekend. Saturday we're going out to meet his friend and just have a good night out. Sunday we're going to go to the arboritum and take pictures, then find somewhere to picnic. Monday we're planning a day trip to Newburyport. We're both excited. Also I havea wonderful job. Screw you cvs lol. I am now one of the assistant managers at Fashion Bug. It's a big pay change from cvs which is good because I need so many new things. I need black pants, work shoes, some work shirts, new bra, new undrwear, ink for my printer, jeans. lol, cant wait for my paycheck. the dresscode is loose there, but since im managment I want to look like managment. we get 40% off so i can buy most of that stuff at work. although we'll see what coupons at lane bryant i can get.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Bullet Queen

Im the queen of Bullets. Bow down before me!!!

  • That picture...awful picture is of me and David, my man. I dont get to se him until mday *sobs* me=dork. rnough said
  • ANTM. THANK GOD! Allweek I was praying Renee wouldnt make the final two. And she didnt. Sh was too old looking lol. Natasha and Jazlene were finaltwo and between them I'd be happy with who won. Jazlene won of course which is cool. I had a dream I saw her first commercial last night. Why I liked her, her personality cha cha ragqueen personality. Why I liked Natasha, she was a mom,but unlike everyother mom on the show she didnt whine abot doing this for her daughter or missing her. and I liked he rhumblness lol
  • LOST 2 hour season finale next week. It's kind of interesting right now butwe're prayig it's not jumping the shark.i'll let you know lol
  • David took me o ee 28 weeks later. The first scen was intense, then it was slo for like 30 minutes and then it pcked up. I wont buy it new, maybe used. I probably would g see it in a second run theater.
  • Hostel 2 open June 8th. Im looking forward to seeing it. Heather Mattarazzo is in it and You kn ho uch I love her. i hope she isnt the fist kill. Her name is on the billboard but she coulbe on eof the "names"...they alwayskill names...oh god....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

bong gong


Enough said

Friday, May 11, 2007

Another challenge

this weeks NZ dare was the scrap a childhoodphoto with the talent syou have now. well, idont have many scrapping talents but i still did it lol. I wantd to do a really imple layout (forgive the photo. its a ittle croocked). I did a layout with the title Someday and my journaling is just telling my baby self what it'll experiance someday.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Im hot

Im gonna bullet hahahahaha

  • My neighbor....For the past two weeks, every time I see her, she is wearing the same shirt. It's not a uniform or anything, its a tyedye tank top. I am just disgusted. I want to ask her why she hasnt changed and give her on eof my tank tops. Even if you go home and wash the shirt every single night, do you really want that to be the only shirt people se eyou in. It reminds me of that Sinfeld episode where Jerry dated that girl and every time she went out with him, she only wore one dress.
  • ANTM: I really thought Natsha was going to leave since she was sck and her photo was horrible. SIck models have the tendey to leave. But Dionne left. THANK GOD, I absolutly think Dionne was a horrible model. She got booted for the very reason why I hated her, her scowel. I literally screamed with joy when she left. so the final three are Renee, Jazlene, and Natasha. From the first episode I predicted Jazlene would be in the final three. As much as I love Natasha, I dont think she'll win. I think Jazlene will.
  • LOST: It is getting totally fucked up. Last night was a great episode and revealed a lot. It was nice to see a Ben flashback episode. It gets better with every episode.
  • The Office, it son tonight....Dunder Miflen goes away on a retreat...yay, it should be great.
  • I havent done much the past 3 days because it's been soo hot. the 3rd floor is a good 15 degrees hotter than the other floors and when someone showers, the shower heat goes up here too.
  • I took some pictures today. I like that tulip picture. Its on the side but whatever.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

HMTM Challenge

SoI decided to do HMTM challenge. I dont usually to theirs. It was scrap an inanimate object and used 50 stickers. I scrapped some gummy worms and used 74 stckers. I dont particularly like it becaui dislike using stickers on a layout, but hey...i did it lol

Friday, May 04, 2007

do do do

okay, i havent updated in a while so I will bullet

  • ANTM. How breath taking were Natashas photos? I was afraid theyd look too pornoish since she tends to make things look that way, but she didnt. She has really come a long way. I did like Jaslene's photos, but shes too skinny. Natasha at least has some curves.
  • Jobs. I passed in three applications yesterday. fashion bug, kohls and payless. The Payless manager was impressed i worked there before and she actually seemed happy. She said she would talk to her DM to see what she could do.
  • I had another quilting day with Linda. It was nice just sitting there talking grown up talk, like politics and life. She made lunch and toastd the bread for our tuna and i never thought to do was great.
  • umm....had something else....I went to a book sale today but the books were so expensive i just had to leave. It was so claustrophobic.
  • My ONLY pair of jens (well I have one thats 3 sizes too big),My only pair of jeans got a hole in them today in the thigh. I am pissed. What am i going to do for pants? lol. Gonna try to stich it up and see if a can salvage it for at least a week. but im pissed. who cares if ive had these jens for 5 years. I have no job. I need these jeans. grrr. lol
  • New Found Glory is playing the Tweeter Center in August. *dance* I need a job and a boyfriend to go with lol.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Not Much

Not much is going on. I just gotback from my walk. Im trying to walk a ile every day. As you can tell my keyboard needs cleaning. can of air is $8 thoug lol. no jobs yet. I keep on forgetting to remind CKY fans that Deron and Felissa had their second daughter, Lola, on March 4th. CKY is crrently wrting songs and records some riffs for theirnew album said to be out this fall. Im excied tee hee. Heroes wa on last night. it was interesting. LOST is on tomorrow. Cant remembehat its about...John or Sawyer I think. Just listening to music rigt now,

Friday, April 27, 2007


Im going to have an awesome scar in like a month. The other day I got some rug burn on my knee, I woke up the next day it was puss filled and infected, so I cleaned it out and bandaged it up. Meanhile I couldnt walk, so yesterday I went ot go air it out and when I took the bandage off, all the puss came out and it started gushing blood. Bandaged it up, cleaned it. today Im airing it, not as bad as it was, geting puss filled again, but I can walk. the picture I took right after it gushed blood. I woke up this morning with bad allergies, so ive just been in bed today elaxing. i kind of feel feverish. All day yesterday I downloaded music, like papa roach, Relient K, Slick Shoes, and Punchline. ive discovered my tate of music is callled by m yspace as Alternative/pop/punk. How vauge is that?
Melanie Brown announced her new daughters name which is Angel Iris Murphy-Brown. She released photos. Angel looks like a raisin, but shes new. But boy has Phoenix grown up! shes 8 now. in that pic she loko slike Melanie but in all the others she looks EXACTLLY like Jimmy, If youre interested in Melanie I'd read the new OK! Europe issue. it talks about her paternity issue with Eddie Murphy and stuff like that. Boy, Shes really handling this well and is really well spoken. I'm very proud of her. No job bites yet. It sucks. I've began working on Kara's Quilt and its sooo adorable. im going to have a hard time giving this one up. I should be working on Tylers pillow case for his birthday but im just not feeling it. Cant quilt something im not feeling. All day Ive been watching Viva la Bam. All of season 1 and im half way season 2 right now.