Friday, May 18, 2007

Bullet Queen

Im the queen of Bullets. Bow down before me!!!

  • That picture...awful picture is of me and David, my man. I dont get to se him until mday *sobs* me=dork. rnough said
  • ANTM. THANK GOD! Allweek I was praying Renee wouldnt make the final two. And she didnt. Sh was too old looking lol. Natasha and Jazlene were finaltwo and between them I'd be happy with who won. Jazlene won of course which is cool. I had a dream I saw her first commercial last night. Why I liked her, her personality cha cha ragqueen personality. Why I liked Natasha, she was a mom,but unlike everyother mom on the show she didnt whine abot doing this for her daughter or missing her. and I liked he rhumblness lol
  • LOST 2 hour season finale next week. It's kind of interesting right now butwe're prayig it's not jumping the shark.i'll let you know lol
  • David took me o ee 28 weeks later. The first scen was intense, then it was slo for like 30 minutes and then it pcked up. I wont buy it new, maybe used. I probably would g see it in a second run theater.
  • Hostel 2 open June 8th. Im looking forward to seeing it. Heather Mattarazzo is in it and You kn ho uch I love her. i hope she isnt the fist kill. Her name is on the billboard but she coulbe on eof the "names"...they alwayskill names...oh god....

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Anonymous said...

Cuteness abounds... you guys rock!