Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Once again

Well, Since today was my day off Andrea and I went to go see Jackass 2. I know youre all saying But you already saw it...let me tell you something Its even more hillarious the second time around. They must be pretty prouod of themselves. ive been watching some making of stuff and apparently they have #3 in the works an possibly a new show. Thatll be cool. Well, i have been doing some scraping. Im still scraping our trip to Winslow farms. I had so many pictures I didnt want to overwhelm my scrapbook with it so I cut the pictures down and created a patch work page. I like it a lot. ps like my earrings?

Monday, September 25, 2006

NZ Dare Again

So another week and another challenge from my Fav NZ girls...okay the only NZ People I know of except for melanie Lynsky lol...This challenge was to scrap boy/man pages with flowers. I wasnt going to do this one because I am single and Childless. I do enough of my brother and my dad so I didnt want to do that again. Then as I finished the Jackass Box set in a day (Im crazy) I was thinking how cool all those guys are...Even the skanky ones lol. Then I got the idea why not scrap a page about two of my fav members. One from each troop....and the hottest ones. I chose Johnny Knoxville from the LA gang and of course Bam Margera from the PA Gang. I knew the flower part wouldnt be hard. I chose some brown and pink flowery paper and put 15 additional flowers scattered around the page, Mostly Jolee's by you./ The title reads "I love it when a man acts like a JACKASS" I inked it with gold and black ink. The picture is kind of blurry. i tried photgraphng it 10 times and couldnt capture the page for what its worth. i think this is my fav layout I've ever done in my 5 years of scrapping.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Jackass 2

I saw Jackass 2 last night and it was fucking hillarious. Everyone needs to go see it. just dont have a full stomach when you go see it.
I literally almost vomitted. When Steve-O and Bam vomit I want to lso lol I might take maritza to go see it. I want to see it again. I cannot wait for it to come out on DVD lol. After work I went to Salem and bought some fucking kick ass earrings. They are off Skulls, handcuffs, and saftey pins. You cansee the saftey pins in that pic. I also got that cool headband you see. I was in a CKY type of mood. I went to bullmoose and bought the jackass box set for $30 brand new. Im watching it right now and its fucking hillarious. Daddy and baby skits are great.

Friday, September 22, 2006

HMITM Challenge

This weeks Challenge was from How Much is too much. Ive never done theirs before. It was use 10 items of the same color. I had to jump on this one because I have been wan
ting to do a layout about my middle name. The picture isnt wonderful. i used, 4 different blue papers, blue matting, blue labelers, blue cardboard, 3 Blue Jolees Flowers, Blue thread (MAMBI), 3 Blue felt flowers, blue brad, and a Blue vellum tag. So basidcally the title is "my middle name is.....BLUE" I really like this one.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Boston is weird

Man, I need to tell y'all about the adventure Andrea and I had today lol. We almost got the shit kicked out of us twice, but it was hillarious. Well we went into Boston, mainly China Town and Fanuel Hall. We were walking down the street when this teenager flung open the DMV door right into us. Here's the dialog:
Girl: Watch where youre fucking going, bitch.
Andrea: Are you serious?
G: Open your eyes, Bitch.
A: Are you serious?
I was cracking up, not defending her. The girls friends were telling her to come on. They were clearly embaressed. We crossed the street and into CVS. It was awesome. The girl looked like she was 12. Well, we walk around for like 3 hours, shopping and taking pictures. We were near Macys and you know how all those people have their carts of merchandise? Well, this one guy picked his open and came an inch (literally) from seriously running me over. Dialog.
Me: Stop fucking running people over.
Guy: Im going to follow you home, D-Block.
Me: Shut the fuck up, Douche Bag.
He said something else, but Andrea and I were laughing too hard and too far away to hear what he was saying. We have no idea what D-block means. Pretty stupid comeback.We're a bunch of bitches. Anyway, we got incredibly lost because we parked in China Town and I only know my aroun don the trains. We finally Found the car and drove home. Well, on 93 near Cambridge it was wall to wall traffic so andrea and I were scream singing out the windows entertaining people. I was playing the Air violin and making people laugh. Then this dude in a green truck (See pic) came up aside us and held up a sign that read "WOW", we began cracking up and he held up another sign that said "Yes, you are sexy" which made us laugh harder. Then he wanted us to flash him. It made us laugh even more (we didnt of course). We finally was able to drive away. Then we turned on 495 (30 minutes later) and the dude pulled up aside us again, We refused to look at him, bu were cracking up. then another 20 minutes later, we take the haverhill exit and the dude drives by and waved. How frigging weird we were going almst the same way. It was interesting. Anyway, to the pics. Those first two, white buildings, were taking while we were driving. thank god for the motion setting on my camera. then that Glass building near the old towne hall looked cool so i took it. then we stopped in the paramount and it was so gorgeous and took pictures. I amvery tired after our fun day.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

yesterdays photoshoot

Andrea and I went ou all day yesterday. i so love the B&W one of andrea. Of course the butterflies rock too lol.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Before work today Andrea and I did a small photoshoot. She is in a photography class so She had to do it, but it was really cool. We went to this small garden like that is 5 minutes away, There were tons of bees that were freaking us out, but it was still fun. I cant wait to see what Andrea did. Tomorrow we're going out again.
The first picture is of this creepy assed fountain that was there. It was scary. The second is of a lime. The 4th is the top of trees that looked like boobs to me lol

Monday, September 11, 2006

Another Speshal Challenge

okay so I did this weekschallenge quickly. I knew exactlly what I wanted. The challenge was to scrap "Time" so I scrapped that it was back to school time for tyler. I turned a plain white carfdstock into notebook paper. I like how it turned out. I love the title too. im very happy with the layout.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another NZ Dare Layout

Well they posed another challenge. This time we had to use metal, A lot of metal or a little metal. it didnt matter. I had a hard time with this one because I dont like using metal on layouts if I can help it, so I used a lot of brads. When I finished, I found a tiny metal jar in ne of my drawers. So I used the metal lid for a frame of a tiny picture I had of Stacey and I. the I remembered I just bought some sticky thank yous from staples and since We were at Chili's I put metal "gracis" on the bottom. And for once I found a use for he bunch of birthday ribbon I have. The Layout came out better than I thought, but still not one of my favs. i won a lot of pretty designer paper on ebay last week so soon i'll have some nice variety in my patterned paper. Oh, the last picture f of the metal lid on my layout, so you can see the dimensions. I think I'm the only American that does their challenges, well at least one who submit. I like the NZ gals beause all the other challenges I do have to do with themes like "Time" or "When I was young..." or "Moms are...." but they use product and it is a good excuse for me to use some of the stuff I have laying around.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Another Speshal Challenge

Well, this layout sucks. i was under pressure and didnt have enough money to get what i wanted. I had to scrap "How hard can it be" I wrote about my novel and how I need to finish it.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Summer Hiatus layout

well, I decided to do a layout about Summer Hiatus, mainly waiting for season three of LOST. I did a sky theme. I took pictures from the dvds and made little p arachutes for them. On the Parachutes are questions that will be answered in Season 3 such has what is the dharma initiative, will Michael and Walt make it to main land. the title which is on a cotton ball reads, Summer Hiatus Sucks. its all done on cloud paper. 28 days until LOST starts :) I'm going to buy the DVDs tomorrow and I might take Kiara with me.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Winslow Farms

We went to Winslow farms which is basically an animal rehibilitation place. They had a lot of animals like Sheep, goats, Birds, Horses, Donkies, and about 60 cats. It was so big and gorgeous there. The scenery was awesome. makes me want to move there. I took tons of pics but i obviously I cant post them all. Iing to be great scrapping this day but I have a whole months of photos to scrap before these. I still havent done the Speshal Challange...Im hoping to go to Michaels Thursday. its going ro have to be since its due friday. Family Guy Starts September 10ths! Woo-Hoo. LOST starts october 4th. This season should be the best one yet. The writers have talked a lot about it and they admit they kind of strayed last season because there were things they had to do but this season they said they are going to focus on developing relationships, more indiana Jones adventures, and we learn why John couldn't walk. So it'll be very different than last season. The DVDa for season 2 comes on tomorrow. im going to try to get them on thursday. there is 8 hours of bonus materials in cluding a montage of Sawyers nicknames, never before seen flashbacks, and stuff like that. Tyler and I are so excited. we're going to get junk food and watch them.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Broken back Layout

I scrapped a page of when i threw my back out. why not scrap the misery also? My great-Grandkids will probably like to look at my joys and sorrows too haha. I chose a more playful layout. I usualy dont work with ribbon because I have no ideas how to use it, but i used it as a page seperater on this layout. And the title is homage to Fantasy Island lol. It looks like a nice and cheery layout until you read the journaling.The Speshal ladies have posted a new challenge and thats scrap with the title "How hard can it be?" I have the perfect idea....

Random Pics

just some pics i took yesterday