Tuesday, January 30, 2007

couple pics

ive been in a funk todaqy so andrea took me out for a little bit for a mini photoshoot. didnt get many goodones, but these...

Friday, January 26, 2007

A New Hobby

I know I know, i dont need another hobby lol, but I have one now. One of my customers, Linda, offered to teach me how to quilt so I took her up on the offerbecause its somethign I've always wanted to learn. i went to her house yesterday and was there for 4 hours. I picked some bright colors and a simple patchwork pattern. i now know how to do a running stich and a backstich. This afternoon I finished. I think I might turn this into a pillow. Then I can move onto a real quilt. Then when I went to work today, i recieved an early birthday present from Terry. She made me some pretty earrings. Blue of course :) Terry is going to learn to quilt too so we can have our own mini quilting bee lol.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Since i want to try to get into photography full time someday, I have been researching cameras/ (mine is good for now of course) and Ryan Gee (A photographer) likes to use Canon so Ive been researching Canon and found this camera Canon Rebel. For a 10 megapixel, it's a good price. The people on Ryan's messageboard seem to like it and they take great photos, so maybe if I can get my foot in the door with My Kodak 6.2, I can upgrade to this one eventually.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another post, NZ Dare

So he NZ Girls are back and this weeks dare is "Circles". I didnt want to go too crazy with it since circles could go crazy so I did kind of a simple layout ith circle paper and acircle title. Simple.

Little Miss Sunshine

So, Dad got me "Little Miss Sunshine" for an early Birthday present and I highly recommend it. I thought it was brilliant. It's amazing how much better Indepandent films are than mainstream films. The family is fucked up, but for some reason I could relate to a peice of each person. It's worth a rent if not to own. So today oscar nominations were announced and it figures the one movie i saw was Little miss sunshine, but I Will be watching because....Oh my god, I almost crapped my pants, Abigail Breslin, the little girl in the movie was nominated for best supporting actress!! While I was watcjhing the movie (and when she was in signs) thought that she was going to win an oscar before her 16th birthday and now look! She's only 10 and already an oscar nominated actress. I will be praying for her to win but she has some stiff competition: Cate blanchet for some crappy movie and the one I'm worried aout, jennifer Hudson, for dreamgirls. now I wouldnt be too upset if Jennifer won because shes a plus sized girl who lost American Idol, but I'm really really rooting for Abigail. LMS is also nominated for best screenplay and best picture. Also, Alan arkin is nominated for best supporting actor for LMS so I'm rooting for him. he was brilliant too. Sooooo.....Their two catagories are usually one of the first two....the oscars are February 25th.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Margera News and Freaky shit

okay another post....Jess margera and his wife Kelly had their second baby, Scarlett, yesterday. She joins big Sister Ava (1). Im so happy for Jess. he was telling us on the board how nervous he was about having another girl, but im sure he'll be fine. I love that pic of Jess and Ava. its kind of old, but th eonly one I have of the two of them and how much of a Margera does Ava look like? LOL. im sure Scarlett is another spitting image of daddy.

okay Another Margera boy update. Bam is having his bacholar party in las Vegas tuesday and EVERYONE is goign but me it seem lol. Bam booked a band for his reception recently. And no it wasnt HIM, it's Iggy Pop! How fucking great is that. bam's show "Bam's unholy union" starts on the 30th so I will be watching and I hope they show the reception cause i wanna see Iggy. Plus, Missy (his fiance) is so awesome.

Okay now for the freaky deaky part. i was just sitting hee sending my congrats to Jess listening to my ipod and then "California dreaming" comes on my ipod. i glance up at my tv and The mama and thepapas wer eon the tv singing "California dreaming" because that dude died. But whatever, i was so freaked out.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Not much is going on. I now make minimum wage lol. it's starting to snow tonight and im actually hoping it gets bad just so I can work in peace on the truck without customers asking me questions. Arent i cute in that picture? I know I am. umm....Waiting on some packages from ebay. been selling some thigns in my g-spot..i mean ebay store. Heroes is back on Monday which Im so excited about. I didnt think i'd like the show, but its fantastic. I hope it comes out on DVD this summer/fall. We get to learn who else is on the list. So, theyre changing LOST's time. it's now on Wensdays at 10 which utterly sucks and i'm pissed. its opposite Medium. I guess i'll watch LOST and figure otu how to tape Medium. It's not like i'll be missing much if I miss LOST...I could just wait until the dvds come out which is how Ive discovered I like to watch shows. it's just so much easier. I need new clothes. My birthday is in exactly two weeks. Im trying to contact some friends to come to dinner with me but theyre all losers lol. So back to the clothes thing, i think im going to go to Old navy one of these days so I can get more long sleeves shrts I can wear underneath my t-shirts like was rocking this past Sunday. I was looking good and people at work said I looked like I was losing weight...so I guess the layered look works for me. Makes my boobs good looking too lol. I need new earrings too. More funky, gothy ones. i keep on losing them so i need to get one of those earring thingy majiggy holders. I need a new watch too. I saw some CKy ones on eBay. OMG, this is just a big blog of things I want. I think I will get these things though sometime next month with any birthday money i may get. I still have christmas packages I need to mail. i have been soo busy with work. im hoping to Saturday morning though. I think Im going to go to bed right now even though its only 10 since I have to be at work in 7 hrs.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Well today I went over Nana's to celebrate Papa and Kara's birthday (although Noone had told me we were celebrating Kara's too so I didnt get her anything....nice lol) We had cake and some of Nana's Pumpkin Pie. It was a great time. I havent seen Kara and Art for such a long time so It was nice to see them. Sonya and Anthony were here as well. I hadnt seen Sonya since April so it was nice to see her. I dont think I have laughed so much in a long time. It's weird how family can be soooo much alike even when they arent blood relations. I am still full from all the junk I ate, but i think they had nice birthdays. Okay, see that picture of Jellibean? I was waiting for mom to come home so i could have the care and I decided to Antique one of the cats, but I wanted to do it creativly so I antiqued Jellibean by putting her initial on her back. lol. Freeeeeeking hillarious.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Not Much

not much. just thought I'd give you an update. minimum wage went up in MA so now I
make below minimum wage. Got to love it. I went shoping yesterday, bought that Bam poster, I Bificus CD because I wore my other one out, a stewie calander, My last bra broke so i had to get a cheapo at jc pennys. I looked at Lane Bryant for their buy 2 get 2 free sale, but they didnt have my size (damn 42dd's!!!). What else did I buy....um...nothing. I looked for some Nose screws in Hot Topic but didnt find anything. Oh, Im getting a pimpe on my nose rightbelow my nose ring. its not an allergic reaction because its a white head. it sucks. ummm...Im litening to Turbonegro right now because I won Party Animal off of eBay. Theyre so great. If you liek Glam rock, you'll like them. I also got my "Hefty Fine" cd in the mail plus a bloodhound sticker. I have tomorrow off so I will be doing some cleaing and some scrapbooking. Ive been doinga lot of scrapbooking, but nothing too spectacular wher i want to show you guys lol. I'm off to play The Sims 2. you know youre a classy gamer when you put your pearls on to play :)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A new Store

Well, i opened a store with ebay. It'll be a lot easier in the long run. i added tons of new stuff and i will be adding a lot more tomorrow since I have tomorrow off. So please check out my store and if you know anyone that might like something, give them the link.

When I got hom today I got my package from the bloodhound Gang. I got that shirt Im wearing. Foxtrot is my fav song. On the back it says "Put the you know what in the you know where." And I bought the Dicamillo Sisters Single (Brandon, Bam, and Jimmy Pop...Put ou by James Franks Records...Thats Jimmy people!) It's a cute song even though Bam's parts were recorded over with Chris' shippensburg voice...I love that voice..Key Key Wah! I think thats it....I have so many things about to come in the mail that I won off of ebay, bloodhound Gang, Clutch, A, Him, CKY....Oh, Speaking of A....Yeah three days ago I never heard of the band either lol. I was researching the bloodhound Gangs newest drummer Adam AKA the Yin and he is the drummer for A, so i listen to a song of theirs (Starbucks) and they are pretty fun. British and they sound liek a Rocker version of BIS without the girl. So I searche don ebay and found two of their albums for 0.69 and 0.89. lol Worth it evenif I dont like all their songs I think :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Soap Making

My stepmother got me a soap making kit so i decided to do it and its fun, for those of us who like to do crafts but have a short attention span *cough*me*cough*, this is perfect because it takes like 5 minutes lol. It was my first try. I think i did pretty good with the two tones, marbles, and my inital lol. I cant wait to do more. I held the soaps up to th elight to show some of the marbles.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007

I hope everyone isnt too drunk or hungover still. I had a nice time. we played pin the tail on the donkey and wore dora hats we were so drunk. Well, Andrea wasnt drunk so i dont know what her excuse was....I havent done anything today, just chillling and watching old Radio am episodes. I cannot believe I like Brandon D. now. he's funny on the show. I never thought the day would come.