Monday, January 08, 2007

Not Much

not much. just thought I'd give you an update. minimum wage went up in MA so now I
make below minimum wage. Got to love it. I went shoping yesterday, bought that Bam poster, I Bificus CD because I wore my other one out, a stewie calander, My last bra broke so i had to get a cheapo at jc pennys. I looked at Lane Bryant for their buy 2 get 2 free sale, but they didnt have my size (damn 42dd's!!!). What else did I I looked for some Nose screws in Hot Topic but didnt find anything. Oh, Im getting a pimpe on my nose rightbelow my nose ring. its not an allergic reaction because its a white head. it sucks. ummm...Im litening to Turbonegro right now because I won Party Animal off of eBay. Theyre so great. If you liek Glam rock, you'll like them. I also got my "Hefty Fine" cd in the mail plus a bloodhound sticker. I have tomorrow off so I will be doing some cleaing and some scrapbooking. Ive been doinga lot of scrapbooking, but nothing too spectacular wher i want to show you guys lol. I'm off to play The Sims 2. you know youre a classy gamer when you put your pearls on to play :)

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