Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ring in 2009 with 1983

so we're going to our friends house for a new years party and of course its a themed party....the 1980s...oh how i loathe that but we're going. im just going as a punk groupie, greasey hair, bad make up....ugh. I already cant wait to shower. David is going as a lamda lamda lamda nerd....we're like the complete opposite. i altered some jeans.....more pictures in the morning probably

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


this is sunday...ugh....2 in 48 hrs....ugh

But the silver lining is i made these....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Xmas Party

The xmas party went well. Everyone said they had fun and oculdnt wait until next years. now, just gotta focus on my Costume for the themed

new years party we're going to.

Can you even see the stockings? lol We intergrated out collections.....

Marley loves the tree.

Me and Marco

Me and Joanne

Kenny and Adam

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Okay, I'm having a cooking cirisis.
I'm throwing a christmas party saturdaya nd was just going to do finger foods and stuff, but the ladies are bringing a bunch of different kinds of salads. Everyone is saying I need something hot to eat there since noreaster is coming as well.....God.
Well, I'm a beginner cook, we're poor. I dont know what to make. We do have a crockpot though. I made my first batch of chili last night and it was great. I could make that I guess. Any other suggestions?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


daiv dand i have been trying to take a good christmas photo lately but it dosent seem to be working. im getting a tad stressed cuz we need to order them soon. yes, we're going to be gay and send out cheesey cards this year. i got out early today so im using sculpty and making things. AC moore is having a huge sale. EVERYTHING is on sale so i got a lot of things yesterday. head on over if youre looking for christmas ideas for your crafting loved ones. *cough* I also got Chantel's wedding present. She's getting married SUNDAY. im the maid of honor but at least her family did mostly everything so there's not much for me to do lol. Anyone watch SNL this last week? I thought it was one of the most hillarious episodes in a long time. yes, Having Paul Rudd ont here helped but i laughed hysterically a lot and i rarely do that. I just loved the beyonce skit. I still laugh at how they looked in those leotards.
Well, David and I are spending Thanksgiving at my mom's this year. Im making my usual Cranberry sauce and since david has a chocolate pudding pie every year and he wont be with his family, I'm making him one for my moms house. what else? There has to be something I'm missing.....Oh, ANTM....big surprise....not.

Friday, November 07, 2008

hello Again

yea so i forgot i had a blog. It's been really busy at home and work. you know, the holidays are upon us and I work retail. Can you believe 48 more days until christmas. it's amazing the older you get the faster years go. We went to a halloween party this past weekend. i went as a greek goddess and i put david is latex grousome stuff. (David won goriest costume and well, i think that award belongs to me). There was a trivia part of the part, i was on Team discovery with David and Dre. We got 2nd place. issed first by one point. those jerks.

This is David and our friend Adam. Him and his wife went as Jon and Kate PLUS 8. If you dont know who that is, theyre a couple on TLC who have twins and Sextuplets.
We burned one of Adam's babies in the fire pit. Also Patty who went as a Nazi Feminist burned one of her bras. Bras smell really bad burning....

Here's Megan and David. Adam's wife..Megan not David. You can tell how thrilled she was....

Thats me, Dan, megan, and megan. it was supposed to be the girls but Dan jumped in. Dosent megan look like a tool? Not Adam's wife, but megan.....the one We hate...i mean....Wait, she might read this.....


David (Me) Won two movies for his costume...although we traded Killer Klowns for American werewolf in London.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


David did the laundry and marley wouldnt move so David threw the clothes on the bed....

Friday, September 26, 2008

At least we dont have to hear about alaska anymore *grins*
What a lame ass photo shoot. blah!

Friday, September 19, 2008


They ruined Sheena. Now she looks like every other asian high schooler in the 90's Pah-Leez. Feather her hair if you must, but dont change the color. Okay, how many people thought 99% of the make overs sucked?boring and ruining people. Analeighs pissed me off, too much of a high schooler now. Shaleesha's I mean, Hannah's made me mad. As much as I hate Clarke, hers pissed me off. I understand why they did what they did to Elina. Now she isnt Angelina, but theyve had that look before even though they said they didnt...hmmm...Anyone remember Brittany? Granted hers was a weave but we dont forget. What else can I complain about....They should have made MCKeys hair long with such a strong face. oh, marjorie...Color nice, but they shoul dhvae made it shorter. *sigh*. They only one I liked was Samantha's. She actually looks normal now instead of just some girl. Dont you love how you can tell the final two in the first ten minutes? Let's how 2 talking heads and have those 2 be the final two. if they want to screw with us, they should have 3 talking heads.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Finally Pics

I'm not going to even talk about ANTm because it was such a boring episode. Stupid Hannah and overreacting girl who probably got told byt he producers to make a racial fight.

i finally got my White mountain pics on a disc so here are a couple.
See the rain coming in? hehehe. We lucked out when it came to rain. really only rained one day so we went to the movies. Saw Tropic thunder. Our fav day was the day before we left. We just went driving around not on the touristy roads, but we came upon mt Willey and Mt webster which was our fav spot. Just a lake and gift shop with great icecream. it was fun. We were really glad to come back home though. We have discover that even though we are nature people, we are not camping people anymore. We'll still come to the whit mountains but we will be at a lodge next year hopefully.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Cycle 11

Okay you knew it was coming. My take on the new girls soooo....

  • Analeigh-Nice hair, fucking amazing legs. Eh...
  • Brittany- yes, gorgeous skin colour.
  • Clark- Okay, its not her nose that turns me off of this girl. its her, she looks like those girls in high school who ran their fingers through their hair and swept it to one side. The girls I hated. She actually made me cry this week. her frigging ignorance was disgusting. When she called isis a he-she, i started bawling.
  • Elina- Stunning. Gorgeous. Has potential to be wodnerful, but I think her smarts will turn into arrogance, just like Victoria's had. It will be Elinas downfall.
  • Hannah- Adorable. As cute as a button but okay,w e get it, youre from Alaska. Stop reminding us.
  • Isis- You know what? I like her. I remember her photoshoot last year and I remember thinking that she was amazing and well, she seems to be. I really really love the fact that shes there to model, not make a point.
  • Joslyn-Yeah, who? Bye,
  • Lauren brie- Amazing Eyes, but kind of weird looking. i think a make over will do her good. maybe some red or honey hair.
  • Marjorie- Okay, we all called it. The weird awkward girl Karmellah likes. What can I say, they always take amazing photos. marjorie reminds me of some french actress whom i cannot remember. Short blonde hair to boot. I hope they keep her hair, maybe a little shorter. i think it suits her.
  • Mckey- You know what, Shes kind of cool. I kind of like her like I liked Michelle, but i dont think shes going to be a sweet as Michelle though. Cant wait for her make over.
  • niKeysha-I really didnt like her, but i did like how sad she was when called her name, more concerend over the other girl.
  • Samantha-Eh, token pretty. Does have that 80's killer body though. Make over will be cool on her.
  • Sharaun-Buh-bye
  • Sheena- "Watch out america. youre going to catch yellow fever". OMG. Despite her accent and stuff, shes pretty and took a nice photo. She'll be hard on set i think.. Make over I hope they dont toy with her hair. Asian hair rocks.

Its hard to pick final three this year though. Elina, Analeigh, and possibly samantha. i dont know.

The whole transgender issue: Leave her alone. Shes not as busted than most of you girls. the complete ignorance of these people makes me want to vomit. i can completely understand them sitting down and asking her questions. Natural curiosity is fine, but when you start saying he-she, those people, that upsets me beyond believe. i cannot believe I cried this week. it still amazes me in 2008 almost 2009, Woman VP canidate, black president canidate time, There are still people out there who cannot accept people for who they are. Just because they were born in the wrong body, or love the same sex or are a different colour or gender, dosent make them any less of a human than you are. Get over yourselves.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

-Dont forget ANTM starts tonight. I'll only be able to watch the first hour pribably though. So get ready for weekly ANTM blogs.

-Mel C is pregnant.

-I need to poop so gotta cut this short.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sad Day in Entertainment

Well, it's happened. George Carlin died last night. That depresses me. he was such a comedic talent. It was one of my dreams to go see him and I had planned on buying everyone tickets to see him in january for christmas. figures.

on lighter news,, there is none.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Since i have no computer, that means my digi photos stay on my digi camera so you guys gotta suffer through my phone camera pics lol.

I wanted to do kind of a punkish layout for a marley pic I had.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Farewell so long....Im off to see The Happening!! Opening night of a M. Night movie!! *dances* I dont want to be spoiled so i have to. not much to update right now. busy. 40 hrs a week. taking care of a home. busy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


those skulls and hearts are foil.

look at these cool papers!! that griffin is made out of felt. i love them.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


we just celebrated our one year!! I cannot believe its been a year. we stayed at a hotel jut to get away from the house at night. we ate at the 99 (the one we first met at). it was just a nice relaxing night. then the next day we went out for breakfast and went to salem willows to play pinball. It was a nice time. sunday, im moving the rest of my stuff over. mu hahahaha.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


okay so i havent updated you guys in awhile. Ive eben busy. May is busy for me with 7 birthdays, mothers day, and our anniversary in it. I started working at Dress Barn last week. Im still training. Same job better pay. What can I say. so far i like the people :) Mine and Davids 1 yr is on the 12th! I cannot believe its been on eyear already. He is taking me to the 99. he wanted to go glitzier but he's taking me to the one we had our first date at. Then we're going away for the night. nothing big, just getting away from the house. thats always good. Jaquzzi and sauna so im happy. we've been working our ass off on the spare room. this weekend i'm going to move a lot of stuff over and i'll be almost done with the moving. i had somethign else to say...dont know. i'll probably be getting rid of a few dvds since theyll be doubles. i'll post titles soon. I'm making another baby blanket! ahhhh! My friend Stacey (yes dad, Stacey) is having a baby with her boyfriend Matt. I am very excited. He inherited a house in Glouster (i think) so the three of them will be moving there this winter. Im SOOO excited!!! of course she's expecting a little girl, who isnt nowadays. So if anyone runs across some baby fabric 4X4 swatches are fine. let me know. I want to try to stay away from pink this time. im goimg to use the same pattern i used for karmyn';s since it was easy, but adorable. i think thats al the news.....oh, My mother has been talking with Aunt cindy and her Mother. yea, he mother....i don tknow how i feel about that one. Fine, talk with cindy, dont care. Cindy is a grandma. trcia and sara both have kids. Cindy is married to a rich guy lol. ummm....i have to poop.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


3.41 at the cheap place? bullshit.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Well, apparently life costs money. LOL. My teeth have finally given out. Last friday I had a root canal...well part one. on the 15th i go in to finish it. My insurance SHOULD cover a lot of it. Then...God, I have to have oral surgery. I need to have my 3 wisdom teeth removed. I'm hoping I can be put under and not just have novicaine. I'm on Codine right now lol. So I'll probably be spending $1000 of my own money or more to have the surgery. yea, it sucks, but you cannot go into the dentist with the idea of not spending much money lol. I maybe spending $2000 of my own money overall, but you know'll be cheaper int eh long run. Bad teeth can cause strokes, diabites, preterm labor and low weight babies. Here's my reasoning: If my kids are born early, I'll be spending $10,000+ to have them in the NICU and have special care. It's cheaper to Spend $2000 now and curb the chances of that happening. Sounds reasonable to me lol. im actually fine with the money thing...dont have it, but It needs to be done. Come june, hopefully, i'll be out of pain.

So, I had a belt replaced in my car by a family ffriend. He said I needed 4 new brakes and My altinator would be going soon. He said he could changfe all 5 for $300! That is wicked cheap and I need to do it, but my teeth...ugh, money. Maybe I need to start playing the lottery.

So, I will be poor for awhile. don't expect much from me lol

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


So Ive been busy....Bullets
  • I was driving home the other night when the altinator went in my car. fun fun fun. I have someone looking at it right now, but it sucks since i work 45 minutes from home. I am currently lookig for jobs closer to home because well....gas is expensive.
  • I registered to vote yesterday and bought myself some daffodils
  • David and I offically live together. Address changed, name on the mail box and everything.
  • I have vacation from the 10th through the 16th off and my goal is to FINISH the spare room, get rid of all the mouse poop, break down and thrown away that giant wooden closet, mop, sweep the floor, orginize all the thigs we're keeping and mve my scrapbooking stuff over during that week. We have some subwoofers if anyone wants them or knows anyone who would. im putting those up on craigslist if not.
  • cats suck. Marley peed all over the mattress this week. we had to rush over to petco and buy some pee spray lol. He's staring at me now....
  • Our one year anniversary is fast approching. if anyone has any ideas on what to get him let me know. i have a couple but im always open for more.
  • i think i have nothing else to say except Walk hard comes out next week on dvd.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy easter! Ive been busy!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Okay, America's Next top model deserves its own blog because Im just...i dont know dissapointed in it kind of. Usually The first episode I will find a girl Im attached to Like Adrienne or Heather, but this year.....Year isnt much of that Weird cute. Of course there's lauren and I'll get into her later. But....Have you noticed, most of the girls look like someone? Jeez! Here's my break down of each girl.
-Aimee...yea...if she didnt share the name with Amy I wouldn tknow who she was either. not too pretty yet. Let's chop that horse hair.
-Allison- If Sarah Silverman and Jordana Brewster had a child, it would be Allison. Yea, shes kind of pretty but that Attitude i want to kill her. Its not that, marvita kind of attitude, that cheerleader attitude, its that I took all AP classes in High School so Im smarter and better than you attitude. I hope she dosent get too far baswed on her smugness.
-Amis aka Amy- I kind of liked her. Kind of that weird pretty. Kind of Looking like another contestant in a previous cycle i liked but cant remember her name, diane...diana...i think diane. She's a little too 80's but lets see what can be done with her.
Anya- Kind of pretty with a big nose, but that accent. thats no hawwian accent ive ever heard before. i dont know if she has what it takes to make it far.
Atalya- yeah, i dont remember her either
Claire- The token Momma, but I kind of like her look. There's something about her. I would like to see her do some cool photoshoots.
Dominique aka Dominic- I'm a little pissed about this one. Okay, a lot pissed. I think her ex beat her with the ugly stick. i was extremly surprised she made it. I was rooting for Kristen aka another Norelle and Kind of rooting for Impala girl (Come on, imagine her in a skechers add. shed rock it) Those 2 were ten times prettier than Dom. At least take pitty on Norelle i mean Kristen and take her.
Fatima aka Iman- If they straighten her hair it would be Iman. A make over might do her some good. yea exotic, but kind of too smart.
Katkhfkjshfkjsdhfkjhsdfkhsdkf- The Token Accent forgeiner. Yea, She is really pretty. what else can I say? a little make over some photos, cute
Kimberly- aka another Reese Witherspoon Ditzy stupid, not pretty get rid of her.
Lauren aka martha Plimpton- I kind of liked her, She has that weird awkwardness i always look for. kind of Punk, but I know shes going to be a shocking pretty kind of like heather...okay, i peeked at some of her photos already and they are wow. A little training and i think she will be one of the last 6
Marvita- ugly, ugly face and ugly soul
Stacy Ann aka Danielle- Too perky, will break easily
Whitney aka Token plus girl- Shes absolutly stunning. probably one of the best looking ones. Her body is TOO DIE FOR. I think shes going to do really well if she dosent bnreak. She dosent seem to be the type too break, but Diana didnt seem to be the type either and did. I think this is the year a plus size will get far. For a plus girl she has a nice flat tummy..
So My girls, I will be rooting for (for now) are Whitney and Lauren...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

26 years old

well, I'm 26. Feels weird. One step closer to 30. lol.I got my hair done, layered and highlighted. I needed a change. It feels a lot lighter. David took me to The cheeecake factory. I took most of it home. its a little expensive, but the serving sizes are HUGE! Of course, I got cheesecake...White chocolate raspberry truffle. David gave me a GORGEOUS blue topaz necklace. Glad he knew that was my fav stone. I have no pictures of it yet, but i'll get one soon. Then we came home and fell asleep. Today Dad and andrea are coming over gonna do the birthday thing with them and then we're going to mom's to do the birthday thing there. heres a couple of pictures....

People wanted proof of me actually cooking a meal for david and I. Pork chops. I make it all the time. and others so :-P

You can kind of see my highlights in this picture...

my layers and getting ready to go to the cheesecake factory

Friday, January 18, 2008

Bullets are back!

  • Gas at 3.15 a gallon is ridiculous!
  • I'm cooking full meals now, from pork chops to chicken ro perogies. Slowly but surely Im learning to cook.
  • Go see 'Walk Hard' Its hillarious!!! Its comedy is kind of like Airplane. It's one I will be buying on the day it comes out. I love Judd Apatow. his writing ad work is amazing. I think the reason why he's so popular is he is so real. His characters are real. We're all the geeks who have trouble getting the girl or getting noticed. Who cant related to the high shcool crap in Freaks and Geeks? I like that the nerds usualy get the girl whether they should or not (ie Sam and Cindy)
  • David said I could redo the kitchen so Im doing my rooster kitchen :-D. Got a few things already. It's gonna look cute.
  • Cloverfeild opens tonight. im going to see it tomorrow though. Im still not even sure what it's about. JJ Abrams did it so....who knows.
    See, I'm helping David clean.

    David holding Jellibean on christmas Morning

    Blurry but us on christmas morning

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I hope

i hope everyone had a nice holiday season. Mine was great. I spent it with David of course. we got spoiled from all our families. The picture is from new years. We went to figger mcgee's and then to a party. I didnt get hangover surpisingly enough. We saw "walk Hard" frigging hillarious.......Isnt Marley cute? He's sleeping with sleepy which I won on one of those claw toys. it only took me three tries. david was surprised. I cleaned all day today, cooked a nice healthy dinner, tomorrow is another cleaning day, plus bowling.....i think that's it....