Friday, February 22, 2008


Okay, America's Next top model deserves its own blog because Im just...i dont know dissapointed in it kind of. Usually The first episode I will find a girl Im attached to Like Adrienne or Heather, but this year.....Year isnt much of that Weird cute. Of course there's lauren and I'll get into her later. But....Have you noticed, most of the girls look like someone? Jeez! Here's my break down of each girl.
-Aimee...yea...if she didnt share the name with Amy I wouldn tknow who she was either. not too pretty yet. Let's chop that horse hair.
-Allison- If Sarah Silverman and Jordana Brewster had a child, it would be Allison. Yea, shes kind of pretty but that Attitude i want to kill her. Its not that, marvita kind of attitude, that cheerleader attitude, its that I took all AP classes in High School so Im smarter and better than you attitude. I hope she dosent get too far baswed on her smugness.
-Amis aka Amy- I kind of liked her. Kind of that weird pretty. Kind of Looking like another contestant in a previous cycle i liked but cant remember her name, diane...diana...i think diane. She's a little too 80's but lets see what can be done with her.
Anya- Kind of pretty with a big nose, but that accent. thats no hawwian accent ive ever heard before. i dont know if she has what it takes to make it far.
Atalya- yeah, i dont remember her either
Claire- The token Momma, but I kind of like her look. There's something about her. I would like to see her do some cool photoshoots.
Dominique aka Dominic- I'm a little pissed about this one. Okay, a lot pissed. I think her ex beat her with the ugly stick. i was extremly surprised she made it. I was rooting for Kristen aka another Norelle and Kind of rooting for Impala girl (Come on, imagine her in a skechers add. shed rock it) Those 2 were ten times prettier than Dom. At least take pitty on Norelle i mean Kristen and take her.
Fatima aka Iman- If they straighten her hair it would be Iman. A make over might do her some good. yea exotic, but kind of too smart.
Katkhfkjshfkjsdhfkjhsdfkhsdkf- The Token Accent forgeiner. Yea, She is really pretty. what else can I say? a little make over some photos, cute
Kimberly- aka another Reese Witherspoon Ditzy stupid, not pretty get rid of her.
Lauren aka martha Plimpton- I kind of liked her, She has that weird awkwardness i always look for. kind of Punk, but I know shes going to be a shocking pretty kind of like heather...okay, i peeked at some of her photos already and they are wow. A little training and i think she will be one of the last 6
Marvita- ugly, ugly face and ugly soul
Stacy Ann aka Danielle- Too perky, will break easily
Whitney aka Token plus girl- Shes absolutly stunning. probably one of the best looking ones. Her body is TOO DIE FOR. I think shes going to do really well if she dosent bnreak. She dosent seem to be the type too break, but Diana didnt seem to be the type either and did. I think this is the year a plus size will get far. For a plus girl she has a nice flat tummy..
So My girls, I will be rooting for (for now) are Whitney and Lauren...


Anonymous said...

I wasn't wow'd by any of them yet. Martha Plimpton is very cute, but that "I've never worn heels or make-up" thing was done before, therefore old.

I DESPISE most of them... the stuck up brunette better-than-thou bitch, the fug Marvita and especially that man-faced twat that go the 14th spot. I'm sure she'll show her penis somewhere around episode 4.

I think the plus size, despite a good body, had a small and unattractive head.

The blonde with the pimply forehead looks like a child.

Oh... I can't remember many.

Now I'm all pissed off again... Thanks!


ZantiMissKnit said...

I like Lauren too; I think she's cute. I like Anya also.

Stacey Ann is going to be annoying as shit but probably entertaining.

I despise Marvita.