Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Make-Up Layout

Well, i did a new layout tonight after work. Its about my playing with make-up. I wanted a stressed look. I sanded the photos and shredded the ribbon. I just wanted kind of a work in progress look. the picture dosent really capture it though the real thing is much better lol. I couldnt find
Daisy tonight and then I looked in her cage and she was sound asleep. She loves it in there. In the pic you can see a bird feather. thats a toy she found when she was exploring outside. She wouldnt
put it down the entire day so I put it in her cage so she would have something to play with when I was still aseep. Maritza said I could babysit Kiara Friday after work. She wants to go to the movies and I want to Play with Kiara. Kiara is 8 mnths and utterly gorgeous. I really hope the plans pan out. I enjoy spending time with her.

Monday, August 28, 2006

New Layout

Here is one of my latest layouts. Its of the flamingo tank at the Stone Zoo. It's rather simple, only two
different papers. I just cut the dark pink one to look like feathers. I kind of like it. I dont like the title but its easy enough to change once i get sizzlit alphabets int he future. I didnt really do much today. Just surfed, watched 4 episodes of LOST, well I did go to AC Moore and bought some Ink pads. We ordered some pizza. mmmmm....Sal's makes good pizza. We got green pepper and onion. As I'm typing this I could eat more. Well the emmies were on last night. Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson didnt win :( nor did Christopher Meloni BUT Mariska Hargitey won. I will admit. i teared up when she won. She mentioned her new baby which was cute. Did anyone see Julia Louis-Dryfus win? If you didnt ry to see if youtube has it. Everyone was utterly shocked when they announced her name. even the nominees. pretty funny. She got on stage and was like in shock. She couldnt even talk and she thanks a couple of people and she was like "i know im forgetting someone..." She was like silent for like 30 seconds, the crowd was laughing and Debra Messing yelled "Your husband!!" It was funny and Juia looked great. The Aaron Spelling thing was sweet. Did anyone see Dick Clark? Now THAT was hard to watch. I did tear up seeing him struggle. It was very surreal. I have work tomorrow but not till 3, so i might be able to get some scrapping in. I have listed some new stuff on ebay. Check it out, my name is daisyjoyhowlett.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

NZ Dare

Well, I have never participated ub the NZ Dare Blog but i did this weeks challenge which was use 7 patterned papers. It was actually hard. I don't much like patterned paper but i still did it. Tonight is the Primetime emmies. Im actually looking forward to it. greys anatomy is nominated 11 time. LOST is nominated. I dont think ER is but im not sure. I dont work tomorrow so I can watch it. There will be a tribute to Aaron Spelling. It's going to be a tear jerker because thinking about it...those of us that are 23+ pretty much grew up with Aaron Spelling. How many of our fav shows was a Spelliing Production and such? I was thinking about it this morning....pratty much all my fav shows back in the day, MNy Dad bought me two pairs of sneakers at Payless because it was bogo. I got these green ones and brown ones. theyre pretty comfy. Woo-Hoo! Im gonna wear the green ones to work. I may be doing some layout when i get home but i have tomorrow off so maybe tomorrow. you'll just have to wait and see. mu ha ha ha.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Congrats, Jeanette

My co-worker, jeanette, is getting married tomorrow. It's a buddist wedding so its actually a two day celebration. Today was like a blessing (or something like that) Mike M. (co-worker) and I went for a little bit. Everyone looked so gorgeous. I absouty love Asian wedding styes. Jeanette looked so stressed but soo pretty. Here is a picture of Mike, Jeanette, and myself. We couldnt stay for too long because Mike is going away to college in the morning and he still had to pack. Both Jeanette and Mike are starting a nice new chapter in their lives. Good luck, guys! I may be doing some scrapping tonight. I'm so tired and i need to get up early. The last picture is of how much of a loser i am. The is a reality lost "game" going on right now. Rachel Blake is trying to expose The Hanso Foundation and what they do and how theyre real and how the show is glorifying them. It's actualy really interesting and to the point how Hanso members going onto talk shows writing artices for the times etc etc. I may be starting to believe
it shortly. Anyway, The people who are doing this need to print out signs and post them as many paces as they can and here is a pic of my contribution. The whole Hanso Foundation is actually getting more disturbing. Where is Alvar Hanso? he needs to come out of hiding the little pussy. go to exposehanso.com or rachelblake.com or intheexperiance.com for more info. If youre easily obsessed like I am, you'll like it.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Salem. NH

Well We took Tyler school shopping. I think he spent like 100 bucks and still hasnt gotten everything. I only bought one thing and that was a gift for someones birthday coming up. I went to three different shoe stores to try to find shoes and they didnt carry my size or they were 45 bucks plus. Whatever happened to $16 pair of sneakers. Right now I have no sneakers to wear to work. I am so pissed off. I'm gonna haffa take some pics of my shoes to show you how holey they are lol. I COULD go to payless because its bogo, but the paycheck i got this week was for the week I hurt my back so it's crap and i still need to pay rent. Anyway, done complaining. Mom took us to friendlys which smelled like ass, but the food was good. Im so uncomfortable right now. I got what I usually get, the chicken strip basket and a reese peices sundae (Eat your heart out,, Georgine) Im going to sleep good tonight, too bad, i have to go to work tomorrow, but Jeanette is having her wedding reception thingy so Mike is gonna pic me up at work and we're going to go. There might be some Thai food there :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Some Pics

For some reason i couldnt post much in the last post. one is of the flowers I was talking about and one is a pic that Matt took of Me and Stacey standing in front of the Chili's Sign.

Long Day

I had a long day but in a good way. I had today off so I decided to go for a nature walk. It was a llittle buggy but not too bad. I went deep into the woods. I saw a baby turtle sunning himself with his neck all stretched out. I saw tons of frogs jumping into the pond lol. I saw this weird bird. i thought it was a blue heron at first but it was too big and its tail was white and too long. I tried getting a pic of it but it only flew by me twice. It was really nice to driving up there and walking around. I love nature. Here is a picture of the lake or pond or river (who knows). Its so peaceful. I then came home, well grabbed some Taco Bell first of course. I watch a movie called "race the sun" with halle berry, Casey Affleck, Eliza dushku, and Anthony Ruvivivar in it. I love those people lol. It was a very adorable movie about high school kids trying to with a solar car race. I may grab it on dvd or vhs if i ever see it. After that was over I went out side and did a photoshoot with the flowers in front of my house. I love this flower. Its some kind of weird daisy I think, but I dont know. Then I met my friend Stacey and her boyfriend at Chili's. She's my friend who is obsessed with Third Watch and ER like me. We had a great time just sitting there and talking...well, and eating too. I love hanging out with them because theyre photographers (went to school for it unlike me) and so We're always taking pictures and i dont have to be the first dork to pull out my camera. Next time shes in Town (Shes from OH) we're thinking of doing a day trip. I think they said its my job to figure it out. Im thinking Aqurium since theres good pics there and around it...and good places to eat. Its 9 o'clock now and I'm so tired. No energy to do a layout. Tomorrow I may have time to do one but we're taking my baby brother school shopping. How exciting. i might get new sneakers since I need them badly, All of mine have holes in them and have no arch support left.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Not too much

I did a little bit of scrapbooking, but like two pages. I took mom to Salem, NH to show her the walmart there. I did buy some scrapbooking paper and some strange thingy mah jiggy for my brads. Then We went to Target where I found this Mirror (See pic). its the exact colours of my rooms. i needed something for that wall and guess how much that was? It was a dollar. I got a matching trash can for a buck as well. We're going back to Salem next Thursday to take Tyler back to school shopping. It's going to be a busy busy day. I wish I had money lol. i'm selling stuff on ebay again. my seller name is daisyjoyhowlett so go check my stuff out. i will be adding stuff all week. i have a bunch sitting in my office waiting to be added. Mom bought jellibean a collar
today. its the first time shes ever worn one. it was frigging hillarious. I'm still searching for a man. Talking to a few, but i think i'll just be talking and nothing more. We'll see. Im so tired from all the walking around I did today. Im watching a whose line i it anyways marathon. its so funny. I really miss that show. I hope that it comes out on DVD sometime or at least new episodes. It's never been cancelled or anything like that, just not being made...to my knowledge.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

For my Dad

Since my Dad was comaplining about lack of updates....heres an update.This is one page I just did. It is my 4th of july lay out. I tried a new thing by bordering the accent border. I think I kind of like it. Next I will be scrapping my friends 24th birthday. We partied so I took pics lol.

Right now Im watching Windfall which is Luke Perrys new show. I kind of like it but i kind of dont lol. The grown up drama I dont like much, but the teenager stuff I just absolutly love. I wish I could win the lottery..even though drama comes with it lol.

I cleaned my room today adn orginized my scraproom. Once I'm done with it, i'll post pictures. I dont know how long i'll be keep it orginized because...well....its me. Right now I cant find my cat....She lost her collar that had bells on it so I cant listen for her. Maybe I'll go to walmart tomorrow and get her a new collar....theres a new show coming on next month called Heros...basically 7 people around the world suddenly get different super powers. Ali later is in it. I dont know. It looks kind of cool. I think its on before Medium...So sounds like a good double feature. Okay....Time to go find Daisy...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Speshal Challenge complete

Well, I finished the challenge i was talking about early, The premise was to scrap an "I need to tell you..." page. I immediatly knew what I wanted to do. My mom had fun at the photo shoot and I really love how the page turned out. This photo dosent do it justice.

Friday, August 11, 2006

A new challenge

The Girls at Everyone is speshal posted a new challenge and its basically scrap "I need to tell you something...." Im going to do a layout with mom. I just took some pictures of the two of us. I might print it black and white so I have more options with the backgrounds. I havent used purple in a long time. i dont know. I'm trying to get more creative in my layouts. Sometime I'll need to show you guys my scraproom.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Project

Well I've been scrapping all day. i went to michaels and bought an awesome square punchie. it was usually 14 bucks but i got it for 10 on sale so you'll see tons of squares in my layouts now. while i was on bedrest, i couldnt scrap so I began to crochet. I dont know what its going to be but I loved the colours.

BB7 is on right now. someone gets evicted tonight. James and kaysar are up. im so nervous that Kaysar is going to leave. i just love him. He is nice, sweet, smart, and HOT. lol. James is such an ass. I dont like him much but he's a great player.

So Josh Blue won last comic standing. i almost cried. I was so happy. he is sooo funny and its great to see someone with a disability win something so big.

Up late

Well, I'm waiting for my meds to kick in so I deciede to scrapbook a little bit. Im currently scrapping our trip to friendly farms in July. i had a blast doing that. I'd love to go back sometime soon. I think i have about 78 photos to scrap

Well, i survived work. My back and groin muscles were a little sore but noting too bad. maritza was such a frigging sweetheart. She massaged my back for like 2 hours, picked up everything i dropped, and would help me ring, and face the aisles knowing I couldnt. I owe her big time. Friday me her and jackie are going out to the movies again to see "Step up" or whatever its called. It looks kind of silly but ima sucker for dancing movies...why? I dont know because i hate to dance. I was obsessed with So you think can dance this season. My top 4 are the top 4, but i kind of hope Travis or Danyelle wins. I think My meds are kicking in....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Back to work

I threw my back out sunday night and had to call into work tuesday. I took some hydrocodone (fun stuff). I need to go to work tonight and My back feels a little better, its a dull pain. I can't stand up for long periods of time but hey, I'll sit down when I can and not lift anything. Tomorrow I have off so I can rest. I watched the entire first season of Smallville while I was bed ridden. It's actually a nice show. I never wanted to see it, but now I like it and want to see seasons 2-5 lol. I want to see who hooks up with whom. I'm a dork I know it. I do this way too much. Find a show, get obsessed with it, find another show and get obsessed with it and so on lol