Friday, August 18, 2006

Not too much

I did a little bit of scrapbooking, but like two pages. I took mom to Salem, NH to show her the walmart there. I did buy some scrapbooking paper and some strange thingy mah jiggy for my brads. Then We went to Target where I found this Mirror (See pic). its the exact colours of my rooms. i needed something for that wall and guess how much that was? It was a dollar. I got a matching trash can for a buck as well. We're going back to Salem next Thursday to take Tyler back to school shopping. It's going to be a busy busy day. I wish I had money lol. i'm selling stuff on ebay again. my seller name is daisyjoyhowlett so go check my stuff out. i will be adding stuff all week. i have a bunch sitting in my office waiting to be added. Mom bought jellibean a collar
today. its the first time shes ever worn one. it was frigging hillarious. I'm still searching for a man. Talking to a few, but i think i'll just be talking and nothing more. We'll see. Im so tired from all the walking around I did today. Im watching a whose line i it anyways marathon. its so funny. I really miss that show. I hope that it comes out on DVD sometime or at least new episodes. It's never been cancelled or anything like that, just not being my knowledge.


ZMrK said...
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ZMrK said...

I might have to bid on a picture of your foot!

How about Daisy's foot? Or paw, or whatever.