Monday, August 28, 2006

New Layout

Here is one of my latest layouts. Its of the flamingo tank at the Stone Zoo. It's rather simple, only two
different papers. I just cut the dark pink one to look like feathers. I kind of like it. I dont like the title but its easy enough to change once i get sizzlit alphabets int he future. I didnt really do much today. Just surfed, watched 4 episodes of LOST, well I did go to AC Moore and bought some Ink pads. We ordered some pizza. mmmmm....Sal's makes good pizza. We got green pepper and onion. As I'm typing this I could eat more. Well the emmies were on last night. Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson didnt win :( nor did Christopher Meloni BUT Mariska Hargitey won. I will admit. i teared up when she won. She mentioned her new baby which was cute. Did anyone see Julia Louis-Dryfus win? If you didnt ry to see if youtube has it. Everyone was utterly shocked when they announced her name. even the nominees. pretty funny. She got on stage and was like in shock. She couldnt even talk and she thanks a couple of people and she was like "i know im forgetting someone..." She was like silent for like 30 seconds, the crowd was laughing and Debra Messing yelled "Your husband!!" It was funny and Juia looked great. The Aaron Spelling thing was sweet. Did anyone see Dick Clark? Now THAT was hard to watch. I did tear up seeing him struggle. It was very surreal. I have work tomorrow but not till 3, so i might be able to get some scrapping in. I have listed some new stuff on ebay. Check it out, my name is daisyjoyhowlett.


ZMrK said...

GAWD that pizza looks good! We MUST go there some time soon!!!

Dick Clark is still cool, even as a shaky oldster.

ZantiMissKnit said...

PIZZA! It looks so good!