Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Random shuffle

I made a page about some songs on my ipod. just a shuffle and scrapped it. i thought it'd be fun to look at what i was listening to in 20 yrs

A Challenge

I was thinking yesterday about all the movies I've ever seen and I wondered if I could narrow them down to a top ten favorite movies of all time. Movies are a big part of my life and I came up with a few easily.My challenge for you guys is to post your top ten favorite movies of ALL time. What movies could you watch over ad over again. They dont have to be profound life changing movies so dont be shy about those guilty pleasures. You dont have to put them in order if you dont want to. Take some time and think about this. Feel free to say why they are on your list.I will post my shortly. It's going to take some serious thinking.Have fun!

Edited to add my list.
okay, this was kind of hard, I kept adding and taking things off my list but i think I have it...I think...They are in no order.
1. The Stand: Yea, its a miniseries, but it had a dvd release and I just cannot get enough of it. i just love plague/survival of the fittest movies.
2. 101 Dalmations: I can just get so emotionaly attached to this movie. i cry every time the maid runs out into the street screaming that the puppies are gone.
3. A Christmas Story: Classic. I dont know how many times in my daily speach I say "Nota finga!" or "Fragile. it must be Itallian"
4. Christmas Vacation: It's just a classic. "Look kids, a deer!"
5. The Village: It was a sweet story, the camera direction is amazing. I just get lost in the innocence and the love.
6.A little Princess (new version): It just has special memories to me. "Papa! It's me Sara! Remember INDIA!?" God, I'm starting to cry now. I just sob during that scene.
7. Breakfast Club: It's just a classic movie. comeon.
8. Greencard: I honestly dont know why I adore this movie. I don't own it even. I watch it every single time it's on. I just love it. I guess if they can find love, I can lol
9. Polterguist: Do I even need to explain this one?
10: Lady in the Water: It's a beautiful story, the acting is amazing, and the camera direction is breathtaking and somethign that would be lost in a full screen version. I just love M. Knight's vision.
Honorable mentions
Josie and the Pussycats & Spiceworld: They are just two fun movies.
The Final Destination Series: I just love thm, theyre so fun.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Do not forget that the oscars are on tonight. root for abigail and alan! Damn it! nothing else is going all....i swear....

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Monday, February 19, 2007

some pics

just a few pics i took

Friday, February 16, 2007

Wish List

Ever have one of the days where you just want to quit your life? lol oooh today was one of those for me. I honestly dont know how much longer I can work were I work. It is just not what I want out of my life. I want to take photos. I want to take pictures for magazines or even become one of the dreaded paparazzi. I KNOW i have what it takes. I was looking on ebay for the camera I want and check out some of the sweet deals. You know when youre a complete camera geek when you find auctions with tripods and you squeal lol. I WILL get one of those cameras. I have spoken with professional photographers and that is the camera they use. I am starting to save up for it. My hours got cut once again so it'll be slow moving since i have tons of bills. I have been collecting cans and will put that towards my camera. I have six trash bags full so far!! yay! Why do dreams have to be so expensive? LOL. I am determined to get one by May because I am going to devote this summer to photography. It is the only thing that truly makes me happy anymore. Andrea and I will be traveling around Mass to have photoshoots and eventually around the country. I told her we need to go to Philly this summer since its only 5 hrs aay and she wants to. I think tats why Andrea is one of my best friends. Photography is one of her passions too (and yes, she has the canon. Her parents got it for her for christmas. Ooh la la) I can talk to her about how much I want this and she can talk to me about how much she wants this. her dad dosent support her choice in photography. he thinks its a worthless path, but if you got the talent, you can do it. Me and her are good. Anyway, went off on a whiney taget. Worked sucked today, I cried it was so bad. I came home made a mixed drink, took a bubble bath, and listened to my ipod. its been like this since like october. I am running on empty. Its hard wrk pretending you enjoy what you do. Im sur eyou guys know what i'm talking about. I guess I'll stop complaining. I wasnt really complaining though, just stating facts. Oh, by the way, Andrea is in bermuda right now but when she comes back we'e going to open a website, like an online portfolio. Ive been thinking about names and I've come up with aKb Photography since our names are Andrea Kristine and Karmellah Blue, I kind of like it. I need to run it by her first though.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I put daisy in her birthday dress and gave her a nice birthday dinner fo rher birthday yesterday,

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Todays is daisys 4th birthday!!! Shes getting to be a very big girl :)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Andrea's birthday

i went to dads house to celebrate andreas birthday yesterday. She got some great stuff. I got her some earrings and some lotion. we went to harvard square and had mexican food. Mmmmm, it was so good. i could go for some again right now. hen we went to a few record stores and I found 2 new found glory cds, 3 bowling for soup cds, and an A dvd. Then we went home and had some cake and pumpkin icecream. I still cannot believe I found an A dvd. I watched it last night and its really cool. The Perry boys accents are just as thick when they talk as it is when they sing lol. Apparently Jason and Adam are twins...I didnt suspect that lol. And I guess the reason Adam drums for Bloodhound Gang now is A used to tour with BHG. Pretty cool.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


i am shaking right now I am so upset and amazed this had just happened. So bare with my typos ad swearing.My friend Andreaand I went to Bertuccis pizzaria to have dinner. We were waiting for 35 minutes for a table whenI finally went up to the host and asked when we'd be seated and he said he already called our name and I said we were standing right in front of him and he didnt call our name so He seated us next and We waited for like 10 minutes until the waitress came up to our table (it was busy but not very busy). We got very cod and stale rolls while we waited. She said "What do you want to drink?" No Hi, how are you this evening what can I get you to drink? etc etc. Whatever, we got our drinks and then I asked for some warm rolls. The waitress came back and literally tossed the rolls on our table. Andrea and I were in shock at this point with the service but we decided to give her another chance. then the waitress came to our table and sai d"WHat do you want to eat?" In a rude, very rude way. Andrea ordered a Calzone with chicken and Broccoli and I ordered a calzone with tomato, broccoli, and Garlic. She didnt write it down. She came back and made sure I wanted the garlic, broccoli, tomato one and I said yes. So about a half hour passes and she comes back and asked who wanted the chicken and broccoli and gave it to andrea, well shoved it into her hands and she said I ordered chicken, broccoli, and garlic and I said no.
Waitress: No. you said you wanted Chicken, Garlic, and Broccoli.
Me: No I told you twice I wanted broccoli, tomato, and garlic.
Waitress: Well, calzones take awhile to make, You'll have to have broccoli onthe side.
Me: What?
Waitress: Why dont you girls cut these open and find out whats in them.She shoves the plate into my hand,nearly having the calzone fall off. That is when Andrea lost it and asked to speak with the manager. The waitress walked off. We're wating for another 10 minutes. and the waitress yells "get the waitress for these GIRLS!"
Andrea: Stop fucking treating us like this>
Waitress: I dot need this shit. Respect your elders. im fifty years old>
Andrea: I dont care how old you are. you cant treat us like this.
Finally the manager comes up and we explain to him the situation calmly. he was very nice about it and comped our mal and as he was boxing it up for us, the waitress cam eup behindme and hissed "Are you girls happy you gota free meal??" and the manager told her to walk away. We left therejust so shocked and appauled. We didnt so a single thing to provoked thiskind of behaviour. I just cannot believe something like this happened. We plan on calling up and speaking with the district manager. I work in service, i know ho hard and stressful it ets. Even when customrs swearat me, i justkeep my cool, give them what they want so they can leave, hen go into the break room and get upset. Words cant even describe how I feel right now.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Old Navy and Bruise

first of. that bruise is a killer. its a lot more yellow today but its the biggest one ive ever had. Im proud of it. i got it on my birthday. drank too much lol. Well, i spent my gift card to old navy that andrea and blorange crap face got me. i bought some socks, a nice linnen blue shirt that we were looking at the other day, two comfy tank tops to wear underneath it since is see through, some blue flip flops since they match, a turquoise necklace since i matches and a new sling purse. i am excited for it to warm up so i can wear them.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Birthday Part 3

So keith and Andrea invited me over their place to have cake and drink. they got me an awesome ice cream cake. it was delishious ad of course we drank...a lot. i think Last night was the best time ive ever had oer there and we have some classic lines from then lol.


so Dad and Andrea took me out for Thai cuisine for my birthday. Of course the food was delishious. It always is and I had an awesome cake. It was so frigging good. you gotta love birthday cake and of course Iopened presents. i got some cool stuff like an Old Navy gif card (cant wait to use that!!! Clothes and purses oh my!), Cky watch, ipod nano, etc etc awesome awesome. by the time I came home, I was utterly stuff. I think I still am lol. It was so great!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Birthday Part 1

So I had my mini celebration at Moms. She made mesome strawberry cake and had a stack of Pressies! Yay!!