Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Challenge

I was thinking yesterday about all the movies I've ever seen and I wondered if I could narrow them down to a top ten favorite movies of all time. Movies are a big part of my life and I came up with a few easily.My challenge for you guys is to post your top ten favorite movies of ALL time. What movies could you watch over ad over again. They dont have to be profound life changing movies so dont be shy about those guilty pleasures. You dont have to put them in order if you dont want to. Take some time and think about this. Feel free to say why they are on your list.I will post my shortly. It's going to take some serious thinking.Have fun!

Edited to add my list.
okay, this was kind of hard, I kept adding and taking things off my list but i think I have it...I think...They are in no order.
1. The Stand: Yea, its a miniseries, but it had a dvd release and I just cannot get enough of it. i just love plague/survival of the fittest movies.
2. 101 Dalmations: I can just get so emotionaly attached to this movie. i cry every time the maid runs out into the street screaming that the puppies are gone.
3. A Christmas Story: Classic. I dont know how many times in my daily speach I say "Nota finga!" or "Fragile. it must be Itallian"
4. Christmas Vacation: It's just a classic. "Look kids, a deer!"
5. The Village: It was a sweet story, the camera direction is amazing. I just get lost in the innocence and the love.
6.A little Princess (new version): It just has special memories to me. "Papa! It's me Sara! Remember INDIA!?" God, I'm starting to cry now. I just sob during that scene.
7. Breakfast Club: It's just a classic movie. comeon.
8. Greencard: I honestly dont know why I adore this movie. I don't own it even. I watch it every single time it's on. I just love it. I guess if they can find love, I can lol
9. Polterguist: Do I even need to explain this one?
10: Lady in the Water: It's a beautiful story, the acting is amazing, and the camera direction is breathtaking and somethign that would be lost in a full screen version. I just love M. Knight's vision.
Honorable mentions
Josie and the Pussycats & Spiceworld: They are just two fun movies.
The Final Destination Series: I just love thm, theyre so fun.

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