Friday, February 16, 2007

Wish List

Ever have one of the days where you just want to quit your life? lol oooh today was one of those for me. I honestly dont know how much longer I can work were I work. It is just not what I want out of my life. I want to take photos. I want to take pictures for magazines or even become one of the dreaded paparazzi. I KNOW i have what it takes. I was looking on ebay for the camera I want and check out some of the sweet deals. You know when youre a complete camera geek when you find auctions with tripods and you squeal lol. I WILL get one of those cameras. I have spoken with professional photographers and that is the camera they use. I am starting to save up for it. My hours got cut once again so it'll be slow moving since i have tons of bills. I have been collecting cans and will put that towards my camera. I have six trash bags full so far!! yay! Why do dreams have to be so expensive? LOL. I am determined to get one by May because I am going to devote this summer to photography. It is the only thing that truly makes me happy anymore. Andrea and I will be traveling around Mass to have photoshoots and eventually around the country. I told her we need to go to Philly this summer since its only 5 hrs aay and she wants to. I think tats why Andrea is one of my best friends. Photography is one of her passions too (and yes, she has the canon. Her parents got it for her for christmas. Ooh la la) I can talk to her about how much I want this and she can talk to me about how much she wants this. her dad dosent support her choice in photography. he thinks its a worthless path, but if you got the talent, you can do it. Me and her are good. Anyway, went off on a whiney taget. Worked sucked today, I cried it was so bad. I came home made a mixed drink, took a bubble bath, and listened to my ipod. its been like this since like october. I am running on empty. Its hard wrk pretending you enjoy what you do. Im sur eyou guys know what i'm talking about. I guess I'll stop complaining. I wasnt really complaining though, just stating facts. Oh, by the way, Andrea is in bermuda right now but when she comes back we'e going to open a website, like an online portfolio. Ive been thinking about names and I've come up with aKb Photography since our names are Andrea Kristine and Karmellah Blue, I kind of like it. I need to run it by her first though.

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ZMrK said...

You shall kick ass on the lens, my child. You've got my support.

By the way, Mary told us to move today. She's one outta control twat. So, yeah... bad day here, too.