Wednesday, November 29, 2006

LOL Pussycat Dolls

This is funny. thats all I have to say today so far.

Monday, November 27, 2006


BOO!!! Scary!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Night Night

I hung out with the gang again.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgivig

I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy thanksgiving and I hope you guys ate ALOT!

Monday, November 20, 2006


so I combined two challenges in one. One from the NZ gals and one from the Aussie gals. My layout is about things I love. The Aussie dare was to include as many P stuff as you can. I did a patch work layout with a lot of pink stuff like the pink polka dot papers. Punchy hearts on it and my title is made out of pink plaid punchies. For the NZ side, i had to be inspired by an ad. the title placement and the polkadots on the bottom were inspired.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

In One Month

In one month, i will be seeing CKY. I am still freaking out about the car situation. Mom hasnt said anything that should make me think I wont get it so fine. I am freaking out about the ticket. Will Call. God, freaks me out. I am going to try to go to the DMV monday to get a MA liscence just so they dont question me at the will call window and say NC isnt on the order form only ma. Anyway, here is a video "escape from hellveiw" I like this video. its gorey and the song rocks. Chad literally almost died in the making. I was watching it on the IDR dvd. When he was being hung from the tree, he did his trademark bitch toss and apparently knocked the saftey line out and he was really hanging. the footage is kind of disturbing watching him convulse on the rope. Everyone thought he was just acting. It wasnt until he was turning blue the realize he wasnt acting. He was fine, but really freaked out obviously.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Just so you know

if you like to cook or you like the Margera family, April's cookbook is on preorder right now. the first few hundered people gets a signed photo too. Ive seen some of the recipies and theyre great. Support April at.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Not too much

Not too much happening lately. Im starting to get anxious about the CKY show. More like freaking out, what if I cant get there? WHat if mom bitches and I cant get the car? i'll need to leave aroubnd 3:30 or 4 to get to Northampton by 6. Then Im freaking out about my ticket. its will call so i need to go there to get it and what if my email and my id isnt enough to get it. All the shows are sold out so i couldnt get in if they lost my stuff. I know I know. Everything will probably be fine but its not me if i dont worry about every last thing. I do it with everything. Hey, if the Spice Girls show will go on and not get cancelled once geri left, This will be fine...I hope. WHEN i do get in, im going to push as far close up as I can get. Ive been watching footage of them playing. Now I dont know how Matt does with a live crowd but Vern used to spit beer on the crowd so I suspect no matter were I stand I'll get sweaty beer snot on Well, these pictures....let me explain. I will be taking tons of pics at the show so i wanted to practise with my motion mode on my camera since the boys will be bouncing on stage and I will be being knocked around in the crowd, so I tested it out with me jumping around and heqadbanging. They came out pretty good.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Before Work

before work I'd like to remind everyone that there is 39 days before the CKY show. Ive been talkign with some Dunn girls who have seen them and hey say if they see girls in low cut shirts, they ask to be flashed lol. Also the Boys tend to go out into the crowd after words and like getting their pictures taken. They dont mind pictures on stage either :) Im very happy. So here is one of their videos "Close Yet Far" which happens to be my fav song of theirs.

Friday, November 10, 2006

2 layouts.

ok, So this first one is a double layout. I love it. I prined out the pictures in black and white so I wanted a colourful background. I found this layout in one of my scrapping books. their colours were different and im not too keen on pinks but i love this one. The last layout is a pretty simple one i scrapped of one of my night outs but I just loved these colours so i had to post this one too. :) I just watched a video of the bloodhound gang on youtube. it was very recent. they were singing Jackass which has a verse about steve irwin, but during this preformance, they cut that verse out which i thought was so sweet and made me love them more :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Collection

2 Days
8 Miles
13 Going on 30
28 Days Later
40 year old virgin
50 first dates
Along Came Polly
American Pie
American Pie 2
American Wedding
bend it like Beckham
Blair witch Project
Birds, The
Blue Crush
Bowling for Colombine
Brady Bunch Movie
Breakfast Club, The
bringing Down The House
Brokeback Mountain
Bruce Almighty
Buddy holly Story
Buffy TVS Season 1
But I’m a cheerleader
Cabin Fever
Can’t Hardly Wait
Cast Away
Cat’s eye
Center Stage
Charlotte’s Web
Chasing Liberty
Cheaper by the dozen
Christmas Story
Client. The
Color Purple, The
Corpse Bride, The
Coyote Ugly
Craft, The
Cry in the Dark, A
Dangerous Minds
Dark Crystal
Dark Water
Darkness Falls
Dawn of the dead (Orig)
Dawn of the Dead (New)
Day after
Day After Tomorrow, The
Dazed and Confused
Degrassi Jr High Full series
Detroit Rock City
Doogie Howser Season 1
Drop Dead Fred
Dudesons, The
Edward Scissorhands
Empire Records
ER Season 1 + 2
European Vacation
Fahrenheit 9/11
Falling Down
Family Guy seasons 1-3
Family Man, The
Far From heaven
Father of th Bride 2
Field of Dreams
Fifteen and pregnant
Final Cut
Final Destination 1
Final Destination 2
Final Destination 3
Finding Nemo
Fog, The (new)
Forever Young
Forgotten, The
Forrest Gump
Freaks and Geeks
Freaky Friday (New)
Friday the `13th
Fried Green Tomatoes
Glass House
Grace of My Heart
Groundhog Day
Grudge, The
Haunting, The
heavenly creatures
hide and Seek
High Tension
Hills Have Eyes, The
Hours, The
How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days
I am Sam
I know what you did last Summer
I still know what you did last Summer
Indiana Jones Complete Collection
I, Robot
Jack Ass the Box Set
Jackass The Movie
Josie and the Pussycats
Jurassic park 1
Jurassic park 2
Jurassic park 3
Just Like Heaven
Ladder 49
The Laramie Project
Legally Blond
Ict Princess
Little House on The Praire Season 1
Little Princess, A
LOTR: Fellowship of the ring
LOTR: Two Towers
LOTR: Return of the king
Losing Isaiah
LOST Season 1
LOST Season 2
Mars Attack
Me, Myself, and Irene
Mean Girls
Meet The Fockers
Meet The parents
Milo and Otis
Mona Lisa Smiles
Mothman Prophecies, The
My Boyfriends back
Mystic Pizza
Never been kissed
One fierce beer run
One hour photo
Panic Room
party monster
Patch Adams
Pee-Wees Big Adventure
Pianist, The
Pirates of the Caribbean
Pretty Pink
Prince & Me
Raising Arizona
Regarding Henry
Revenge of the nerds
Ring, The
Romero and Juliet
Rookie, The
Santa Clause 2
Saw 2
Save the last Dance
Scary Movie
Scary movie 2
School of Rock
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo 2
Scream 1
Scream 2
Scream 3
Seinfield Season 1
Shallow hal
She’s The Man
Shining, The
Silence of The Lambs
Sixteen Candles
Skeleton Key, The
Slaughter House on the prairie.
Slums of Beverly Hills
Smallville Season 2
Spice World
Shark Tale
Stand, The
Stand by Me
Stay Tuned
Steve-O: Don’t try this at home
Steve-O: The Early Years
Steve-O: Gross misconduct
Steve-O: Out on Bail
Steve-O: The Tour
Stir of Echoes
Summer School
Swim Fan
Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Terms of Endearment
Top Secret
To Wong Foo
Truman Show, The
Upright Citizen brigade
Vegas Vacation
Village, The
Viva la bam Season 1
Viva la Bam Season 2 +3
Viva La Bam Season 4 + 5
Walk The Line
Walk to Remember, A
Wedding Crashers
What about Bob
Where the Heart is
White Chicks
White Noise
Wildboyz Season 1
Win a Date with Todd Hamilton
Worst of AI

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Another Photoshoot

we did a small photoshoot. not my best work, but i like the ones I took of myself.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

April margera Rocks

yeah, we all know Ape rocks. Well, i am on her mailing list and late last night...wlel this mornign around 1:30 I got an email from her discussing her up coming book signing and I skimmed through it and I saw CKY's name and saw that they have a new album coming out in 2007! Their website didnt say anything so I had no clue. yay for moms who spill the beans. Soooo, Im thinking they will be playing some new songs in the december show Im seeing. I'd sign up for her email list if youre a fan of her, or Just become friends with Tim Glomb on myspace because he tells every little bit of news on the Boys and Ape. He's lucky he's hot. see the pic? thats after 17 hr drive and he still looks hot.

Monday, November 06, 2006

saw saw

i saw "Saw III" today. It was pretty funny. the gore was great. I love it when movies are gorey for the sake of being gorey. I figured out the "twist" about 45 minutes into it, but it was still great

Friday, November 03, 2006

Work Work

weird day, I had to work 8-5 on a truck day and around 8 a bird flew into the store. It was a hard day. The bird flew around the entire store. he flew into the window tons of times. I named him Fred. Mark and I tried to get him a few times. The poor thing was getting so tired and stunned. he hid for awhile and napped. Then he flew again and I went on a mission to get him. If he stayed there, at night the motion alarm system would be set off. Finally I heard Gail yell my name and the bird had landed on the fake nails. A costumer was an inch away from it so I gave her the net and she got Fred. We went outside and took him out but he wasnt moving much and panting. We walked over to the pet store in the same plaza and asked if they could keep an eye on him, give him some food and water and then let him go. They put him in a cage and gave him some stuff and he began to hop around. I went back to work. i assune they let him go,

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nice Halloween

So we dressed up at work for halloween. I dressed up as a baby just so i could wear my PJs at work. Andrea and I went over keiths after work. It was the usual stuff, us fucking around, laughing and almost peeing our pants.I slept over since it was so late. Im so tired right now though.Im watching Steve-o Out on bail right now. Its pretty funny and tons of Dunn in it. *dreamy girl sigh* Only a month and 19 days until i see CKY Andrea was a a costume...blogger snt letting me upload pics so soon....