Friday, November 03, 2006

Work Work

weird day, I had to work 8-5 on a truck day and around 8 a bird flew into the store. It was a hard day. The bird flew around the entire store. he flew into the window tons of times. I named him Fred. Mark and I tried to get him a few times. The poor thing was getting so tired and stunned. he hid for awhile and napped. Then he flew again and I went on a mission to get him. If he stayed there, at night the motion alarm system would be set off. Finally I heard Gail yell my name and the bird had landed on the fake nails. A costumer was an inch away from it so I gave her the net and she got Fred. We went outside and took him out but he wasnt moving much and panting. We walked over to the pet store in the same plaza and asked if they could keep an eye on him, give him some food and water and then let him go. They put him in a cage and gave him some stuff and he began to hop around. I went back to work. i assune they let him go,


ZMrK said...

The bird had landed on the fake nails. Somehow, that sentence is both absurd and beautiful!!!

ZantiMissKnit said...

Yeah, I thought the bird had landed *on* somebody's fake nails! It's still funny though.