Friday, May 25, 2007


i havent posted you can see lol. I did this layout awhile ago but didnt get a chance to post it. its just a simple layout about Daisy. Let's see....Things are going so well between me and David. We are planning a fun weekend since he has a long weekend. Saturday we're going out to meet his friend and just have a good night out. Sunday we're going to go to the arboritum and take pictures, then find somewhere to picnic. Monday we're planning a day trip to Newburyport. We're both excited. Also I havea wonderful job. Screw you cvs lol. I am now one of the assistant managers at Fashion Bug. It's a big pay change from cvs which is good because I need so many new things. I need black pants, work shoes, some work shirts, new bra, new undrwear, ink for my printer, jeans. lol, cant wait for my paycheck. the dresscode is loose there, but since im managment I want to look like managment. we get 40% off so i can buy most of that stuff at work. although we'll see what coupons at lane bryant i can get.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Bullet Queen

Im the queen of Bullets. Bow down before me!!!

  • That picture...awful picture is of me and David, my man. I dont get to se him until mday *sobs* me=dork. rnough said
  • ANTM. THANK GOD! Allweek I was praying Renee wouldnt make the final two. And she didnt. Sh was too old looking lol. Natasha and Jazlene were finaltwo and between them I'd be happy with who won. Jazlene won of course which is cool. I had a dream I saw her first commercial last night. Why I liked her, her personality cha cha ragqueen personality. Why I liked Natasha, she was a mom,but unlike everyother mom on the show she didnt whine abot doing this for her daughter or missing her. and I liked he rhumblness lol
  • LOST 2 hour season finale next week. It's kind of interesting right now butwe're prayig it's not jumping the shark.i'll let you know lol
  • David took me o ee 28 weeks later. The first scen was intense, then it was slo for like 30 minutes and then it pcked up. I wont buy it new, maybe used. I probably would g see it in a second run theater.
  • Hostel 2 open June 8th. Im looking forward to seeing it. Heather Mattarazzo is in it and You kn ho uch I love her. i hope she isnt the fist kill. Her name is on the billboard but she coulbe on eof the "names"...they alwayskill names...oh god....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

bong gong


Enough said

Friday, May 11, 2007

Another challenge

this weeks NZ dare was the scrap a childhoodphoto with the talent syou have now. well, idont have many scrapping talents but i still did it lol. I wantd to do a really imple layout (forgive the photo. its a ittle croocked). I did a layout with the title Someday and my journaling is just telling my baby self what it'll experiance someday.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Im hot

Im gonna bullet hahahahaha

  • My neighbor....For the past two weeks, every time I see her, she is wearing the same shirt. It's not a uniform or anything, its a tyedye tank top. I am just disgusted. I want to ask her why she hasnt changed and give her on eof my tank tops. Even if you go home and wash the shirt every single night, do you really want that to be the only shirt people se eyou in. It reminds me of that Sinfeld episode where Jerry dated that girl and every time she went out with him, she only wore one dress.
  • ANTM: I really thought Natsha was going to leave since she was sck and her photo was horrible. SIck models have the tendey to leave. But Dionne left. THANK GOD, I absolutly think Dionne was a horrible model. She got booted for the very reason why I hated her, her scowel. I literally screamed with joy when she left. so the final three are Renee, Jazlene, and Natasha. From the first episode I predicted Jazlene would be in the final three. As much as I love Natasha, I dont think she'll win. I think Jazlene will.
  • LOST: It is getting totally fucked up. Last night was a great episode and revealed a lot. It was nice to see a Ben flashback episode. It gets better with every episode.
  • The Office, it son tonight....Dunder Miflen goes away on a retreat...yay, it should be great.
  • I havent done much the past 3 days because it's been soo hot. the 3rd floor is a good 15 degrees hotter than the other floors and when someone showers, the shower heat goes up here too.
  • I took some pictures today. I like that tulip picture. Its on the side but whatever.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

HMTM Challenge

SoI decided to do HMTM challenge. I dont usually to theirs. It was scrap an inanimate object and used 50 stickers. I scrapped some gummy worms and used 74 stckers. I dont particularly like it becaui dislike using stickers on a layout, but hey...i did it lol

Friday, May 04, 2007

do do do

okay, i havent updated in a while so I will bullet

  • ANTM. How breath taking were Natashas photos? I was afraid theyd look too pornoish since she tends to make things look that way, but she didnt. She has really come a long way. I did like Jaslene's photos, but shes too skinny. Natasha at least has some curves.
  • Jobs. I passed in three applications yesterday. fashion bug, kohls and payless. The Payless manager was impressed i worked there before and she actually seemed happy. She said she would talk to her DM to see what she could do.
  • I had another quilting day with Linda. It was nice just sitting there talking grown up talk, like politics and life. She made lunch and toastd the bread for our tuna and i never thought to do was great.
  • umm....had something else....I went to a book sale today but the books were so expensive i just had to leave. It was so claustrophobic.
  • My ONLY pair of jens (well I have one thats 3 sizes too big),My only pair of jeans got a hole in them today in the thigh. I am pissed. What am i going to do for pants? lol. Gonna try to stich it up and see if a can salvage it for at least a week. but im pissed. who cares if ive had these jens for 5 years. I have no job. I need these jeans. grrr. lol
  • New Found Glory is playing the Tweeter Center in August. *dance* I need a job and a boyfriend to go with lol.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Not Much

Not much is going on. I just gotback from my walk. Im trying to walk a ile every day. As you can tell my keyboard needs cleaning. can of air is $8 thoug lol. no jobs yet. I keep on forgetting to remind CKY fans that Deron and Felissa had their second daughter, Lola, on March 4th. CKY is crrently wrting songs and records some riffs for theirnew album said to be out this fall. Im excied tee hee. Heroes wa on last night. it was interesting. LOST is on tomorrow. Cant remembehat its about...John or Sawyer I think. Just listening to music rigt now,