Thursday, May 10, 2007

Im hot

Im gonna bullet hahahahaha

  • My neighbor....For the past two weeks, every time I see her, she is wearing the same shirt. It's not a uniform or anything, its a tyedye tank top. I am just disgusted. I want to ask her why she hasnt changed and give her on eof my tank tops. Even if you go home and wash the shirt every single night, do you really want that to be the only shirt people se eyou in. It reminds me of that Sinfeld episode where Jerry dated that girl and every time she went out with him, she only wore one dress.
  • ANTM: I really thought Natsha was going to leave since she was sck and her photo was horrible. SIck models have the tendey to leave. But Dionne left. THANK GOD, I absolutly think Dionne was a horrible model. She got booted for the very reason why I hated her, her scowel. I literally screamed with joy when she left. so the final three are Renee, Jazlene, and Natasha. From the first episode I predicted Jazlene would be in the final three. As much as I love Natasha, I dont think she'll win. I think Jazlene will.
  • LOST: It is getting totally fucked up. Last night was a great episode and revealed a lot. It was nice to see a Ben flashback episode. It gets better with every episode.
  • The Office, it son tonight....Dunder Miflen goes away on a retreat...yay, it should be great.
  • I havent done much the past 3 days because it's been soo hot. the 3rd floor is a good 15 degrees hotter than the other floors and when someone showers, the shower heat goes up here too.
  • I took some pictures today. I like that tulip picture. Its on the side but whatever.

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