Friday, May 04, 2007

do do do

okay, i havent updated in a while so I will bullet

  • ANTM. How breath taking were Natashas photos? I was afraid theyd look too pornoish since she tends to make things look that way, but she didnt. She has really come a long way. I did like Jaslene's photos, but shes too skinny. Natasha at least has some curves.
  • Jobs. I passed in three applications yesterday. fashion bug, kohls and payless. The Payless manager was impressed i worked there before and she actually seemed happy. She said she would talk to her DM to see what she could do.
  • I had another quilting day with Linda. It was nice just sitting there talking grown up talk, like politics and life. She made lunch and toastd the bread for our tuna and i never thought to do was great.
  • umm....had something else....I went to a book sale today but the books were so expensive i just had to leave. It was so claustrophobic.
  • My ONLY pair of jens (well I have one thats 3 sizes too big),My only pair of jeans got a hole in them today in the thigh. I am pissed. What am i going to do for pants? lol. Gonna try to stich it up and see if a can salvage it for at least a week. but im pissed. who cares if ive had these jens for 5 years. I have no job. I need these jeans. grrr. lol
  • New Found Glory is playing the Tweeter Center in August. *dance* I need a job and a boyfriend to go with lol.

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Anonymous said...

Natasha breathtaking? Not for me, but that new pic of YOU qualifies! Very lovely!

Plus, I'm so glad that your blog doesn't greet me with a pus filled wound at the top! That gave me the heebee jeebies!

Good luck, sistah-girl!