Friday, May 25, 2007


i havent posted you can see lol. I did this layout awhile ago but didnt get a chance to post it. its just a simple layout about Daisy. Let's see....Things are going so well between me and David. We are planning a fun weekend since he has a long weekend. Saturday we're going out to meet his friend and just have a good night out. Sunday we're going to go to the arboritum and take pictures, then find somewhere to picnic. Monday we're planning a day trip to Newburyport. We're both excited. Also I havea wonderful job. Screw you cvs lol. I am now one of the assistant managers at Fashion Bug. It's a big pay change from cvs which is good because I need so many new things. I need black pants, work shoes, some work shirts, new bra, new undrwear, ink for my printer, jeans. lol, cant wait for my paycheck. the dresscode is loose there, but since im managment I want to look like managment. we get 40% off so i can buy most of that stuff at work. although we'll see what coupons at lane bryant i can get.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see some good news! YAY you!

Carl Ray Louk said...

That awesome about the job. Sound like a perfect job for you. :-)