Wednesday, May 21, 2008


those skulls and hearts are foil.

look at these cool papers!! that griffin is made out of felt. i love them.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


we just celebrated our one year!! I cannot believe its been a year. we stayed at a hotel jut to get away from the house at night. we ate at the 99 (the one we first met at). it was just a nice relaxing night. then the next day we went out for breakfast and went to salem willows to play pinball. It was a nice time. sunday, im moving the rest of my stuff over. mu hahahaha.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


okay so i havent updated you guys in awhile. Ive eben busy. May is busy for me with 7 birthdays, mothers day, and our anniversary in it. I started working at Dress Barn last week. Im still training. Same job better pay. What can I say. so far i like the people :) Mine and Davids 1 yr is on the 12th! I cannot believe its been on eyear already. He is taking me to the 99. he wanted to go glitzier but he's taking me to the one we had our first date at. Then we're going away for the night. nothing big, just getting away from the house. thats always good. Jaquzzi and sauna so im happy. we've been working our ass off on the spare room. this weekend i'm going to move a lot of stuff over and i'll be almost done with the moving. i had somethign else to say...dont know. i'll probably be getting rid of a few dvds since theyll be doubles. i'll post titles soon. I'm making another baby blanket! ahhhh! My friend Stacey (yes dad, Stacey) is having a baby with her boyfriend Matt. I am very excited. He inherited a house in Glouster (i think) so the three of them will be moving there this winter. Im SOOO excited!!! of course she's expecting a little girl, who isnt nowadays. So if anyone runs across some baby fabric 4X4 swatches are fine. let me know. I want to try to stay away from pink this time. im goimg to use the same pattern i used for karmyn';s since it was easy, but adorable. i think thats al the news.....oh, My mother has been talking with Aunt cindy and her Mother. yea, he mother....i don tknow how i feel about that one. Fine, talk with cindy, dont care. Cindy is a grandma. trcia and sara both have kids. Cindy is married to a rich guy lol. ummm....i have to poop.