Saturday, February 10, 2007


i am shaking right now I am so upset and amazed this had just happened. So bare with my typos ad swearing.My friend Andreaand I went to Bertuccis pizzaria to have dinner. We were waiting for 35 minutes for a table whenI finally went up to the host and asked when we'd be seated and he said he already called our name and I said we were standing right in front of him and he didnt call our name so He seated us next and We waited for like 10 minutes until the waitress came up to our table (it was busy but not very busy). We got very cod and stale rolls while we waited. She said "What do you want to drink?" No Hi, how are you this evening what can I get you to drink? etc etc. Whatever, we got our drinks and then I asked for some warm rolls. The waitress came back and literally tossed the rolls on our table. Andrea and I were in shock at this point with the service but we decided to give her another chance. then the waitress came to our table and sai d"WHat do you want to eat?" In a rude, very rude way. Andrea ordered a Calzone with chicken and Broccoli and I ordered a calzone with tomato, broccoli, and Garlic. She didnt write it down. She came back and made sure I wanted the garlic, broccoli, tomato one and I said yes. So about a half hour passes and she comes back and asked who wanted the chicken and broccoli and gave it to andrea, well shoved it into her hands and she said I ordered chicken, broccoli, and garlic and I said no.
Waitress: No. you said you wanted Chicken, Garlic, and Broccoli.
Me: No I told you twice I wanted broccoli, tomato, and garlic.
Waitress: Well, calzones take awhile to make, You'll have to have broccoli onthe side.
Me: What?
Waitress: Why dont you girls cut these open and find out whats in them.She shoves the plate into my hand,nearly having the calzone fall off. That is when Andrea lost it and asked to speak with the manager. The waitress walked off. We're wating for another 10 minutes. and the waitress yells "get the waitress for these GIRLS!"
Andrea: Stop fucking treating us like this>
Waitress: I dot need this shit. Respect your elders. im fifty years old>
Andrea: I dont care how old you are. you cant treat us like this.
Finally the manager comes up and we explain to him the situation calmly. he was very nice about it and comped our mal and as he was boxing it up for us, the waitress cam eup behindme and hissed "Are you girls happy you gota free meal??" and the manager told her to walk away. We left therejust so shocked and appauled. We didnt so a single thing to provoked thiskind of behaviour. I just cannot believe something like this happened. We plan on calling up and speaking with the district manager. I work in service, i know ho hard and stressful it ets. Even when customrs swearat me, i justkeep my cool, give them what they want so they can leave, hen go into the break room and get upset. Words cant even describe how I feel right now.


ZantiMissKnit said...

(((hugs))) Sorry this happened to you! No, there is no excuse for it, and since the manager told her to walk away, she probably has done something like this before.

Even if you provoked her (which you didn't), there's no reason to act like such a tool.

Anonymous said...

Wow that sucks. I've been to Bertucci's a couple of times in Boston and have never had bad service. Though it does remind of the time I went to a resturant and I asked the girl to split the bill....she brought us a calculator, paper, and a pencil...I was beyond pissed :-/


ZMrK said...

Hopefully, that waitresses child died that night.