Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Long Day

I had a long day but in a good way. I had today off so I decided to go for a nature walk. It was a llittle buggy but not too bad. I went deep into the woods. I saw a baby turtle sunning himself with his neck all stretched out. I saw tons of frogs jumping into the pond lol. I saw this weird bird. i thought it was a blue heron at first but it was too big and its tail was white and too long. I tried getting a pic of it but it only flew by me twice. It was really nice to driving up there and walking around. I love nature. Here is a picture of the lake or pond or river (who knows). Its so peaceful. I then came home, well grabbed some Taco Bell first of course. I watch a movie called "race the sun" with halle berry, Casey Affleck, Eliza dushku, and Anthony Ruvivivar in it. I love those people lol. It was a very adorable movie about high school kids trying to with a solar car race. I may grab it on dvd or vhs if i ever see it. After that was over I went out side and did a photoshoot with the flowers in front of my house. I love this flower. Its some kind of weird daisy I think, but I dont know. Then I met my friend Stacey and her boyfriend at Chili's. She's my friend who is obsessed with Third Watch and ER like me. We had a great time just sitting there and talking...well, and eating too. I love hanging out with them because theyre photographers (went to school for it unlike me) and so We're always taking pictures and i dont have to be the first dork to pull out my camera. Next time shes in Town (Shes from OH) we're thinking of doing a day trip. I think they said its my job to figure it out. Im thinking Aqurium since theres good pics there and around it...and good places to eat. Its 9 o'clock now and I'm so tired. No energy to do a layout. Tomorrow I may have time to do one but we're taking my baby brother school shopping. How exciting. i might get new sneakers since I need them badly, All of mine have holes in them and have no arch support left.

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ZMrK said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Any day that you can see a sunning turtle (with outstretched neck and legs) is a great day!!!