Thursday, August 24, 2006

Salem. NH

Well We took Tyler school shopping. I think he spent like 100 bucks and still hasnt gotten everything. I only bought one thing and that was a gift for someones birthday coming up. I went to three different shoe stores to try to find shoes and they didnt carry my size or they were 45 bucks plus. Whatever happened to $16 pair of sneakers. Right now I have no sneakers to wear to work. I am so pissed off. I'm gonna haffa take some pics of my shoes to show you how holey they are lol. I COULD go to payless because its bogo, but the paycheck i got this week was for the week I hurt my back so it's crap and i still need to pay rent. Anyway, done complaining. Mom took us to friendlys which smelled like ass, but the food was good. Im so uncomfortable right now. I got what I usually get, the chicken strip basket and a reese peices sundae (Eat your heart out,, Georgine) Im going to sleep good tonight, too bad, i have to go to work tomorrow, but Jeanette is having her wedding reception thingy so Mike is gonna pic me up at work and we're going to go. There might be some Thai food there :)


Carl Ray Louk said...

I know what you mean I had get me new pair of sneakers a few month ago at Wal*Mart, the cheapest pair I could find was 29.95. I wear size 13 Triple E!!! Yeah I know I have boats. LOL I hope you ahd some Reese Peices Sunde for me. :-D I miss chatting with you. *HUG* You need IM sometime on AIM. :-D

ZMrK said...

Nice cleaves. Should I link Scott to this page? Heh!