Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Make-Up Layout

Well, i did a new layout tonight after work. Its about my playing with make-up. I wanted a stressed look. I sanded the photos and shredded the ribbon. I just wanted kind of a work in progress look. the picture dosent really capture it though the real thing is much better lol. I couldnt find
Daisy tonight and then I looked in her cage and she was sound asleep. She loves it in there. In the pic you can see a bird feather. thats a toy she found when she was exploring outside. She wouldnt
put it down the entire day so I put it in her cage so she would have something to play with when I was still aseep. Maritza said I could babysit Kiara Friday after work. She wants to go to the movies and I want to Play with Kiara. Kiara is 8 mnths and utterly gorgeous. I really hope the plans pan out. I enjoy spending time with her.

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ZMrK said...

That's a cool page. Good idea about stressing out the materials.

I've been pretty stressed out lately, too... but I don't look as good!