Thursday, August 17, 2006

For my Dad

Since my Dad was comaplining about lack of updates....heres an update.This is one page I just did. It is my 4th of july lay out. I tried a new thing by bordering the accent border. I think I kind of like it. Next I will be scrapping my friends 24th birthday. We partied so I took pics lol.

Right now Im watching Windfall which is Luke Perrys new show. I kind of like it but i kind of dont lol. The grown up drama I dont like much, but the teenager stuff I just absolutly love. I wish I could win the lottery..even though drama comes with it lol.

I cleaned my room today adn orginized my scraproom. Once I'm done with it, i'll post pictures. I dont know how long i'll be keep it orginized because...well....its me. Right now I cant find my cat....She lost her collar that had bells on it so I cant listen for her. Maybe I'll go to walmart tomorrow and get her a new collar....theres a new show coming on next month called Heros...basically 7 people around the world suddenly get different super powers. Ali later is in it. I dont know. It looks kind of cool. I think its on before Medium...So sounds like a good double feature. Okay....Time to go find Daisy...

1 comment:

ZMrK said...

YAY!!! Thank you!!

I like the look of your 4th of July page... very eye catching!!

Good luck with the eyeface kitty!! (I miss ours...)