Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Project

Well I've been scrapping all day. i went to michaels and bought an awesome square punchie. it was usually 14 bucks but i got it for 10 on sale so you'll see tons of squares in my layouts now. while i was on bedrest, i couldnt scrap so I began to crochet. I dont know what its going to be but I loved the colours.

BB7 is on right now. someone gets evicted tonight. James and kaysar are up. im so nervous that Kaysar is going to leave. i just love him. He is nice, sweet, smart, and HOT. lol. James is such an ass. I dont like him much but he's a great player.

So Josh Blue won last comic standing. i almost cried. I was so happy. he is sooo funny and its great to see someone with a disability win something so big.

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ZantiMissKnit said...

Hey, I FINALLY know how to crochet! Well, sort of . . .