Sunday, August 27, 2006

NZ Dare

Well, I have never participated ub the NZ Dare Blog but i did this weeks challenge which was use 7 patterned papers. It was actually hard. I don't much like patterned paper but i still did it. Tonight is the Primetime emmies. Im actually looking forward to it. greys anatomy is nominated 11 time. LOST is nominated. I dont think ER is but im not sure. I dont work tomorrow so I can watch it. There will be a tribute to Aaron Spelling. It's going to be a tear jerker because thinking about it...those of us that are 23+ pretty much grew up with Aaron Spelling. How many of our fav shows was a Spelliing Production and such? I was thinking about it this morning....pratty much all my fav shows back in the day, MNy Dad bought me two pairs of sneakers at Payless because it was bogo. I got these green ones and brown ones. theyre pretty comfy. Woo-Hoo! Im gonna wear the green ones to work. I may be doing some layout when i get home but i have tomorrow off so maybe tomorrow. you'll just have to wait and see. mu ha ha ha.


Trina said...

Hey, what a cool Lo. Love the use of diamonds for your PP. Great stuff.

ZMrK said...

Nice shoes!