Friday, August 25, 2006

Congrats, Jeanette

My co-worker, jeanette, is getting married tomorrow. It's a buddist wedding so its actually a two day celebration. Today was like a blessing (or something like that) Mike M. (co-worker) and I went for a little bit. Everyone looked so gorgeous. I absouty love Asian wedding styes. Jeanette looked so stressed but soo pretty. Here is a picture of Mike, Jeanette, and myself. We couldnt stay for too long because Mike is going away to college in the morning and he still had to pack. Both Jeanette and Mike are starting a nice new chapter in their lives. Good luck, guys! I may be doing some scrapping tonight. I'm so tired and i need to get up early. The last picture is of how much of a loser i am. The is a reality lost "game" going on right now. Rachel Blake is trying to expose The Hanso Foundation and what they do and how theyre real and how the show is glorifying them. It's actualy really interesting and to the point how Hanso members going onto talk shows writing artices for the times etc etc. I may be starting to believe
it shortly. Anyway, The people who are doing this need to print out signs and post them as many paces as they can and here is a pic of my contribution. The whole Hanso Foundation is actually getting more disturbing. Where is Alvar Hanso? he needs to come out of hiding the little pussy. go to or or for more info. If youre easily obsessed like I am, you'll like it.

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