Monday, September 15, 2008

Finally Pics

I'm not going to even talk about ANTm because it was such a boring episode. Stupid Hannah and overreacting girl who probably got told byt he producers to make a racial fight.

i finally got my White mountain pics on a disc so here are a couple.
See the rain coming in? hehehe. We lucked out when it came to rain. really only rained one day so we went to the movies. Saw Tropic thunder. Our fav day was the day before we left. We just went driving around not on the touristy roads, but we came upon mt Willey and Mt webster which was our fav spot. Just a lake and gift shop with great icecream. it was fun. We were really glad to come back home though. We have discover that even though we are nature people, we are not camping people anymore. We'll still come to the whit mountains but we will be at a lodge next year hopefully.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet pix! I love that "rain comin' in" one! Plus, I'm with you. Nature is awesome, but sleeping in comfort is even better!