Friday, September 05, 2008

Cycle 11

Okay you knew it was coming. My take on the new girls soooo....

  • Analeigh-Nice hair, fucking amazing legs. Eh...
  • Brittany- yes, gorgeous skin colour.
  • Clark- Okay, its not her nose that turns me off of this girl. its her, she looks like those girls in high school who ran their fingers through their hair and swept it to one side. The girls I hated. She actually made me cry this week. her frigging ignorance was disgusting. When she called isis a he-she, i started bawling.
  • Elina- Stunning. Gorgeous. Has potential to be wodnerful, but I think her smarts will turn into arrogance, just like Victoria's had. It will be Elinas downfall.
  • Hannah- Adorable. As cute as a button but okay,w e get it, youre from Alaska. Stop reminding us.
  • Isis- You know what? I like her. I remember her photoshoot last year and I remember thinking that she was amazing and well, she seems to be. I really really love the fact that shes there to model, not make a point.
  • Joslyn-Yeah, who? Bye,
  • Lauren brie- Amazing Eyes, but kind of weird looking. i think a make over will do her good. maybe some red or honey hair.
  • Marjorie- Okay, we all called it. The weird awkward girl Karmellah likes. What can I say, they always take amazing photos. marjorie reminds me of some french actress whom i cannot remember. Short blonde hair to boot. I hope they keep her hair, maybe a little shorter. i think it suits her.
  • Mckey- You know what, Shes kind of cool. I kind of like her like I liked Michelle, but i dont think shes going to be a sweet as Michelle though. Cant wait for her make over.
  • niKeysha-I really didnt like her, but i did like how sad she was when called her name, more concerend over the other girl.
  • Samantha-Eh, token pretty. Does have that 80's killer body though. Make over will be cool on her.
  • Sharaun-Buh-bye
  • Sheena- "Watch out america. youre going to catch yellow fever". OMG. Despite her accent and stuff, shes pretty and took a nice photo. She'll be hard on set i think.. Make over I hope they dont toy with her hair. Asian hair rocks.

Its hard to pick final three this year though. Elina, Analeigh, and possibly samantha. i dont know.

The whole transgender issue: Leave her alone. Shes not as busted than most of you girls. the complete ignorance of these people makes me want to vomit. i can completely understand them sitting down and asking her questions. Natural curiosity is fine, but when you start saying he-she, those people, that upsets me beyond believe. i cannot believe I cried this week. it still amazes me in 2008 almost 2009, Woman VP canidate, black president canidate time, There are still people out there who cannot accept people for who they are. Just because they were born in the wrong body, or love the same sex or are a different colour or gender, dosent make them any less of a human than you are. Get over yourselves.


Andrea said...

Clark really must be pushed off her high-horse. You know she had a nose job before the show, and THAT is the best they can do!?! Twat.

I haven't proclaimed my love for anyone yet. I thought Brittany had one of the best pictures but don't see her lasting (plus I don't know if I could get used to that voice!). Marjorie -- of course, she is loveable. I thought Sheena was going to be really trashy and outlandish, but she seems to be down-to-earth. I like Isis, but see sadness in her eyes and I think that will be her downfall.

Anonymous said...

I'll know more tonight but so far I only hate a few of them. I like Jocelyn... not sure why. The French chick had better get some goddam confidence, cuz that nervous shit will wear thin. Kill that blonde with no eyebrows. The one of 3 girls who kept her name, dark complexioned girl, while forgettable, is very pretty.

I like turtles.