Friday, September 19, 2008


They ruined Sheena. Now she looks like every other asian high schooler in the 90's Pah-Leez. Feather her hair if you must, but dont change the color. Okay, how many people thought 99% of the make overs sucked?boring and ruining people. Analeighs pissed me off, too much of a high schooler now. Shaleesha's I mean, Hannah's made me mad. As much as I hate Clarke, hers pissed me off. I understand why they did what they did to Elina. Now she isnt Angelina, but theyve had that look before even though they said they didnt...hmmm...Anyone remember Brittany? Granted hers was a weave but we dont forget. What else can I complain about....They should have made MCKeys hair long with such a strong face. oh, marjorie...Color nice, but they shoul dhvae made it shorter. *sigh*. They only one I liked was Samantha's. She actually looks normal now instead of just some girl. Dont you love how you can tell the final two in the first ten minutes? Let's how 2 talking heads and have those 2 be the final two. if they want to screw with us, they should have 3 talking heads.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah... I've been picking final three for the past few cycles.

As for the make-overs, they were all pretty boring. The red weave helped whats-er-name, and the ditzy blonde getting the short cut was good, but overall, very boring. I was swearing at the TV most of the night. Just a damn boring show.

And yet I watched to the end...