Thursday, November 20, 2008


daiv dand i have been trying to take a good christmas photo lately but it dosent seem to be working. im getting a tad stressed cuz we need to order them soon. yes, we're going to be gay and send out cheesey cards this year. i got out early today so im using sculpty and making things. AC moore is having a huge sale. EVERYTHING is on sale so i got a lot of things yesterday. head on over if youre looking for christmas ideas for your crafting loved ones. *cough* I also got Chantel's wedding present. She's getting married SUNDAY. im the maid of honor but at least her family did mostly everything so there's not much for me to do lol. Anyone watch SNL this last week? I thought it was one of the most hillarious episodes in a long time. yes, Having Paul Rudd ont here helped but i laughed hysterically a lot and i rarely do that. I just loved the beyonce skit. I still laugh at how they looked in those leotards.
Well, David and I are spending Thanksgiving at my mom's this year. Im making my usual Cranberry sauce and since david has a chocolate pudding pie every year and he wont be with his family, I'm making him one for my moms house. what else? There has to be something I'm missing.....Oh, ANTM....big surprise....not.

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Mike H said...

Sounds like a good plan... Happy Thanksgiving! I miss you tons.

Yeah... what a crap year on ANTM. *bleh*

Pray for Ken... he's sick.