Friday, January 18, 2008

Bullets are back!

  • Gas at 3.15 a gallon is ridiculous!
  • I'm cooking full meals now, from pork chops to chicken ro perogies. Slowly but surely Im learning to cook.
  • Go see 'Walk Hard' Its hillarious!!! Its comedy is kind of like Airplane. It's one I will be buying on the day it comes out. I love Judd Apatow. his writing ad work is amazing. I think the reason why he's so popular is he is so real. His characters are real. We're all the geeks who have trouble getting the girl or getting noticed. Who cant related to the high shcool crap in Freaks and Geeks? I like that the nerds usualy get the girl whether they should or not (ie Sam and Cindy)
  • David said I could redo the kitchen so Im doing my rooster kitchen :-D. Got a few things already. It's gonna look cute.
  • Cloverfeild opens tonight. im going to see it tomorrow though. Im still not even sure what it's about. JJ Abrams did it so....who knows.
    See, I'm helping David clean.

    David holding Jellibean on christmas Morning

    Blurry but us on christmas morning

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Anonymous said...

Cute kids! You had a blurry butt on Christmas? Yikes!