Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine

So, Dad got me "Little Miss Sunshine" for an early Birthday present and I highly recommend it. I thought it was brilliant. It's amazing how much better Indepandent films are than mainstream films. The family is fucked up, but for some reason I could relate to a peice of each person. It's worth a rent if not to own. So today oscar nominations were announced and it figures the one movie i saw was Little miss sunshine, but I Will be watching because....Oh my god, I almost crapped my pants, Abigail Breslin, the little girl in the movie was nominated for best supporting actress!! While I was watcjhing the movie (and when she was in signs) thought that she was going to win an oscar before her 16th birthday and now look! She's only 10 and already an oscar nominated actress. I will be praying for her to win but she has some stiff competition: Cate blanchet for some crappy movie and the one I'm worried aout, jennifer Hudson, for dreamgirls. now I wouldnt be too upset if Jennifer won because shes a plus sized girl who lost American Idol, but I'm really really rooting for Abigail. LMS is also nominated for best screenplay and best picture. Also, Alan arkin is nominated for best supporting actor for LMS so I'm rooting for him. he was brilliant too. Sooooo.....Their two catagories are usually one of the first two....the oscars are February 25th.

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ZantiMissKnit said...

Maybe, if you're not working that night (or the next morning!), we can have an Oscar party!