Thursday, January 18, 2007


Not much is going on. I now make minimum wage lol. it's starting to snow tonight and im actually hoping it gets bad just so I can work in peace on the truck without customers asking me questions. Arent i cute in that picture? I know I am. umm....Waiting on some packages from ebay. been selling some thigns in my g-spot..i mean ebay store. Heroes is back on Monday which Im so excited about. I didnt think i'd like the show, but its fantastic. I hope it comes out on DVD this summer/fall. We get to learn who else is on the list. So, theyre changing LOST's time. it's now on Wensdays at 10 which utterly sucks and i'm pissed. its opposite Medium. I guess i'll watch LOST and figure otu how to tape Medium. It's not like i'll be missing much if I miss LOST...I could just wait until the dvds come out which is how Ive discovered I like to watch shows. it's just so much easier. I need new clothes. My birthday is in exactly two weeks. Im trying to contact some friends to come to dinner with me but theyre all losers lol. So back to the clothes thing, i think im going to go to Old navy one of these days so I can get more long sleeves shrts I can wear underneath my t-shirts like was rocking this past Sunday. I was looking good and people at work said I looked like I was losing I guess the layered look works for me. Makes my boobs good looking too lol. I need new earrings too. More funky, gothy ones. i keep on losing them so i need to get one of those earring thingy majiggy holders. I need a new watch too. I saw some CKy ones on eBay. OMG, this is just a big blog of things I want. I think I will get these things though sometime next month with any birthday money i may get. I still have christmas packages I need to mail. i have been soo busy with work. im hoping to Saturday morning though. I think Im going to go to bed right now even though its only 10 since I have to be at work in 7 hrs.

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ZantiMissKnit said...

You keep on giving me more and more ideas for your birthday! Are you doing this on purpose? :-)