Saturday, January 06, 2007

A new Store

Well, i opened a store with ebay. It'll be a lot easier in the long run. i added tons of new stuff and i will be adding a lot more tomorrow since I have tomorrow off. So please check out my store and if you know anyone that might like something, give them the link.

When I got hom today I got my package from the bloodhound Gang. I got that shirt Im wearing. Foxtrot is my fav song. On the back it says "Put the you know what in the you know where." And I bought the Dicamillo Sisters Single (Brandon, Bam, and Jimmy Pop...Put ou by James Franks Records...Thats Jimmy people!) It's a cute song even though Bam's parts were recorded over with Chris' shippensburg voice...I love that voice..Key Key Wah! I think thats it....I have so many things about to come in the mail that I won off of ebay, bloodhound Gang, Clutch, A, Him, CKY....Oh, Speaking of A....Yeah three days ago I never heard of the band either lol. I was researching the bloodhound Gangs newest drummer Adam AKA the Yin and he is the drummer for A, so i listen to a song of theirs (Starbucks) and they are pretty fun. British and they sound liek a Rocker version of BIS without the girl. So I searche don ebay and found two of their albums for 0.69 and 0.89. lol Worth it evenif I dont like all their songs I think :)


ZMrK said...

Your chest looks immense in that T shirt. Russ Meyers is rolling over in his grave!

Pretty too... you gots it all, bee-atch!

Nice store, by the way...

ZantiMissKnit said...

Karmellah's Fun Spot! Kinky!

Maybe I'll open a store called Andrea's G Spot.