Friday, January 19, 2007

Margera News and Freaky shit

okay another post....Jess margera and his wife Kelly had their second baby, Scarlett, yesterday. She joins big Sister Ava (1). Im so happy for Jess. he was telling us on the board how nervous he was about having another girl, but im sure he'll be fine. I love that pic of Jess and Ava. its kind of old, but th eonly one I have of the two of them and how much of a Margera does Ava look like? LOL. im sure Scarlett is another spitting image of daddy.

okay Another Margera boy update. Bam is having his bacholar party in las Vegas tuesday and EVERYONE is goign but me it seem lol. Bam booked a band for his reception recently. And no it wasnt HIM, it's Iggy Pop! How fucking great is that. bam's show "Bam's unholy union" starts on the 30th so I will be watching and I hope they show the reception cause i wanna see Iggy. Plus, Missy (his fiance) is so awesome.

Okay now for the freaky deaky part. i was just sitting hee sending my congrats to Jess listening to my ipod and then "California dreaming" comes on my ipod. i glance up at my tv and The mama and thepapas wer eon the tv singing "California dreaming" because that dude died. But whatever, i was so freaked out.


ZantiMissKnit said...

I didn't know that dude died. But yeah, that is freaky.

Iggy Pop. . . mmmm!!!!! Lucky Bam!

ZMrK said...

I dreamed I took a crap the size of a loaf of wonderbread and had to break it with the back of a plunger to get it to flush.

Dreams didn't come true today. Friggin' rabbit pellets.