Friday, September 22, 2006

HMITM Challenge

This weeks Challenge was from How Much is too much. Ive never done theirs before. It was use 10 items of the same color. I had to jump on this one because I have been wan
ting to do a layout about my middle name. The picture isnt wonderful. i used, 4 different blue papers, blue matting, blue labelers, blue cardboard, 3 Blue Jolees Flowers, Blue thread (MAMBI), 3 Blue felt flowers, blue brad, and a Blue vellum tag. So basidcally the title is "my middle name is.....BLUE" I really like this one.


ZMrK said...

Very nice! And it's the first time I ever heard you say that you liked your name!

Carl Ray Louk said...

I love it. It is awesome. :-) Plus I love your name. :-)