Monday, September 04, 2006

Winslow Farms

We went to Winslow farms which is basically an animal rehibilitation place. They had a lot of animals like Sheep, goats, Birds, Horses, Donkies, and about 60 cats. It was so big and gorgeous there. The scenery was awesome. makes me want to move there. I took tons of pics but i obviously I cant post them all. Iing to be great scrapping this day but I have a whole months of photos to scrap before these. I still havent done the Speshal Challange...Im hoping to go to Michaels Thursday. its going ro have to be since its due friday. Family Guy Starts September 10ths! Woo-Hoo. LOST starts october 4th. This season should be the best one yet. The writers have talked a lot about it and they admit they kind of strayed last season because there were things they had to do but this season they said they are going to focus on developing relationships, more indiana Jones adventures, and we learn why John couldn't walk. So it'll be very different than last season. The DVDa for season 2 comes on tomorrow. im going to try to get them on thursday. there is 8 hours of bonus materials in cluding a montage of Sawyers nicknames, never before seen flashbacks, and stuff like that. Tyler and I are so excited. we're going to get junk food and watch them.

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ZMrK said...

Thank you for not posting the pic of Senor Snot! Sweet kitty, but.... ewwww!!!!

Winslow Farms ROCKS!!!