Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Boston is weird

Man, I need to tell y'all about the adventure Andrea and I had today lol. We almost got the shit kicked out of us twice, but it was hillarious. Well we went into Boston, mainly China Town and Fanuel Hall. We were walking down the street when this teenager flung open the DMV door right into us. Here's the dialog:
Girl: Watch where youre fucking going, bitch.
Andrea: Are you serious?
G: Open your eyes, Bitch.
A: Are you serious?
I was cracking up, not defending her. The girls friends were telling her to come on. They were clearly embaressed. We crossed the street and into CVS. It was awesome. The girl looked like she was 12. Well, we walk around for like 3 hours, shopping and taking pictures. We were near Macys and you know how all those people have their carts of merchandise? Well, this one guy picked his open and came an inch (literally) from seriously running me over. Dialog.
Me: Stop fucking running people over.
Guy: Im going to follow you home, D-Block.
Me: Shut the fuck up, Douche Bag.
He said something else, but Andrea and I were laughing too hard and too far away to hear what he was saying. We have no idea what D-block means. Pretty stupid comeback.We're a bunch of bitches. Anyway, we got incredibly lost because we parked in China Town and I only know my aroun don the trains. We finally Found the car and drove home. Well, on 93 near Cambridge it was wall to wall traffic so andrea and I were scream singing out the windows entertaining people. I was playing the Air violin and making people laugh. Then this dude in a green truck (See pic) came up aside us and held up a sign that read "WOW", we began cracking up and he held up another sign that said "Yes, you are sexy" which made us laugh harder. Then he wanted us to flash him. It made us laugh even more (we didnt of course). We finally was able to drive away. Then we turned on 495 (30 minutes later) and the dude pulled up aside us again, We refused to look at him, bu were cracking up. then another 20 minutes later, we take the haverhill exit and the dude drives by and waved. How frigging weird we were going almst the same way. It was interesting. Anyway, to the pics. Those first two, white buildings, were taking while we were driving. thank god for the motion setting on my camera. then that Glass building near the old towne hall looked cool so i took it. then we stopped in the paramount and it was so gorgeous and took pictures. I amvery tired after our fun day.

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ZMrK said...

Sounds like a fun, if typical day downtown! It's just not complete without at least one confrontation. Are you sure it wasn't your step-mum cursing you guys out? Hmmm....

Thank you for not flashing that guy. :)