Monday, September 25, 2006

NZ Dare Again

So another week and another challenge from my Fav NZ girls...okay the only NZ People I know of except for melanie Lynsky lol...This challenge was to scrap boy/man pages with flowers. I wasnt going to do this one because I am single and Childless. I do enough of my brother and my dad so I didnt want to do that again. Then as I finished the Jackass Box set in a day (Im crazy) I was thinking how cool all those guys are...Even the skanky ones lol. Then I got the idea why not scrap a page about two of my fav members. One from each troop....and the hottest ones. I chose Johnny Knoxville from the LA gang and of course Bam Margera from the PA Gang. I knew the flower part wouldnt be hard. I chose some brown and pink flowery paper and put 15 additional flowers scattered around the page, Mostly Jolee's by you./ The title reads "I love it when a man acts like a JACKASS" I inked it with gold and black ink. The picture is kind of blurry. i tried photgraphng it 10 times and couldnt capture the page for what its worth. i think this is my fav layout I've ever done in my 5 years of scrapping.


lianne said...

Hard case Karmellah. I'm a bit partial to some Johnny Knoxville myself. He's pretty hot. Thanks for doing the dare again.

ZMrK said...

Nice page! Even though your Dad is hotter!