Thursday, August 16, 2007


Bullets because im tired

  • Thursday i went to the warped tour. it was hot and crowded but kind of cool. New Found Glory played like a 15 minute set. They played some classics and they covered kiss me which will be on their new album. I kind of listened to Amber Pacific too. Theyre okay. too many goth teenie boppers in bikinis though
  • Friday through monday we went camping in the white mountains. it was fun. We saw the falls like Sabaday and lower and went swimming in Swift river. Of course, we both became sick on saturday. Oh well.
  • Today I was sent home from work because of my fever and I was woozy. i used my insurance for the first time to see the doctor. I have the flu and he gave me some nose stuff anf a prescription for my queaziness. Got to use my prescription plan for the first time which made is only 1.62. Waleska dosent want me coming in tomorrow so Im gonna relax.
  • I need sleep. Im sick and tired. you guys ar eupdated so shut up :)

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