Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New glasses

i got new glasses finally! I love them. they are so cute. for the first time in my life i loooove my glasses. they are black and blue and featherweights so my lenses are ultra thin which ive never had. its so strange wearing glasses since i havent worn them in 8 years. I can actually see. When the doctor was examining my eyes he did find a hole in one of my optic nerves which he says probablly happened in fetal development. its so strange since ive been going to eye specialists since i was a baby, some of the best in the country, but i guess technology is different now. I have to go back in 6 mths to make sure it hasnt grown or something has begun to grow in it. He wasnt very concerned during this visit just concerned noone ever caught it before, but there's no need to worry or anything. No other updates I dont think....my hair is growing SLOWLY...i dont think i can reach the 10 inches by my birthday for locks of love. usualy it grows fast but when i need it to it dosent. i guess it's a wait and see thing.

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Anonymous said...

Holy CRAP, you're cute!!!