Friday, August 03, 2007


Well, I think my laptop has finally died. I cant even turn it on anymore. It sucks because that meas I cant use my ipod or my digital camera or even talk to my own boyfriend online anymore. I can use the family computer for checking email only really. So, I cant do anymore blogs unless theyre at David's house or I can actually get some computer time here. Im so upset. That laptop was my life and connection to everything. i cant afford another $500. If anyone want to buy me one for an early christmas present feel free lol. I guess I will have to start saving up, but it'll still take me until my birthday unless I hit the lottery. so, my blogs will be longer between them, my emails will be longer between them etc etc. I dont know what to do with my ipod. I love that thing. i cant live without music. David and I are going camping next week and going to the warped tour so we'll be busy anyway.

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