Saturday, August 04, 2007

Who misses bullets

Well, as I wait for my get bullets.

  • Who loves Steven Zahn? I think he is the cutest, funniest actor around. I flipped by him this morning in Daddydaycare an I just remember how much I love him. Am I alone? No matter how awful the movie is, he rocks.
  • The Bloodhound Gang released a possible title for one of their new songs and it's called "Having sex with you on a park bench." How hillarious is that?
  • David ad Mines 3 mths anniversary is while we're camping. yay!
  • We're going to the Warped tour where NewFound Glory is playing so this year them and BFS. Im DYING to see MXPX, Billy Talent, and BloodhoundGang.
  • Pumpkin is a crazy and insane cat even more so than Daisy was at her age.
  • I miss my laptop
  • I really love the name Penelope. Why? I dont know. I think it's really cute.
  • I'm almost out o fmy Robin Cook books. Nooooo...Gota buy more! I just love him.
  • I miss putting pictures on my blog.
  • Im drinking ginger ale, but my fav new soda is black cherry gourmet soda from walgreens. Let me tell you, that is the most amazing black cherry soda ive everhad. drink it. you'll orgasm.
  • we're shopping at walmart today...for camping stuff and food....should be a pretty penny

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ZantiMissKnit said...

I miss you! :(