Friday, June 15, 2007

Stupid Title

I went on a small shopping spree today. i bought everything I needed since leaving cvs. New jeans,

new bra, new underwear, new shoes...Adorable shoes with skulls on them. Oh and A new shirt. And lotion. I didnt need lotion, but Ive been waiting for Bath and body works to have a savannah bee sale for 2 years and it just so happens today they were so I got a jar of Royal Jelly originally $25 but i got it for 10. Im so happy. Im also getting health, dental, and vision insurance. It's about $120 a month, but I think thats good. it covers a lot. I can finally get some reading glasses, get my teeth cleaned, and go to a female doctor :-) We saw Hostel II the other day and it was great, a little uncomfortable and disturbing but good. I'm going to buy Bowling for soup tickets tomorrow and go out with David tomorrow night. Can you tell in my tone of typing how different things are compared to like my post from last year? lol. Man I just put on a tiny bit of Royal Jelly and it smells amazing. You guys should get it.

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Anonymous said...

Any of those shoes in my size?? Way cool!