Monday, June 25, 2007


Thats an old picture but im at davids right now so i have no new ones so you need to suffer.
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okay, let's see I havent updated you guys in a long time because ive been so busy with work and all my free time has been with David so :-P. We saw Knocked Up last week and YOU MUST SEE IT. I dont think ive laughed as hard in a theater since jackass 2. Im going to buy it the day it comes out. you think its going to be a movie about woe is me pregnancy blah blah crap, but its not, yea, its about pregnancy but not really. it's more romantic than we thoguht but not gag worthy. it was hillarious and Judd hired some great actors like the freaks and geeks crew: Jason, Seth, Martin, and James were in it. 3 office cameos by Steve, BJ, and the dude who plays the warehouse manager, larry? And Kristin Wiig is in it kind of playing her character of the ditzy girl you know the spacey one "Yea I gave birth too.....I have shamu in my room and we had 6 babies" you know the one. Anyway, its a must see. we're probably going to see 1408 tomorrow. we'll see. My bowling for soup tickets came in the mail this week. yay! Gonna get tickets for the warped tour soon and we need to plan where we're camping in august. yesterday i opened the store zt 9:30 and we didnt leave until 8:30 so i was sooo tired. i just signed up for my insurance today medical, vision, and dental. it kicks in on the 1st. we're about to eat chinese food and watch the shining. can you believe he has never seen the shining. ummm....i dont know what else has been going on. Daisy is good. she no longer sleeps in her little cage. shes been so well behaved this past month shes been sleeping with me. i think shes so well behaved because im barely home and she misses me. this is becoming a novel isnt it? oh well you guysd gotta suffer long ones now since i dont have time to update once a day anymore hahaha. tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous out like in the 90s so maybe we'll walk down to the beach, i dont know. we'll see. Ummm...anything else? i dont think so....ummm....go see Hostel 2. that was great too. a little mroe disturbing than the first. did i already blog about that? oh well. i havent scrapped in awhile because of the lack of time thing. pictures..yea havent taken many of those either. i have a lot of paid time off i need to take before november so maybe i can plan some day trips. okay, david is almsot ready to eat and watch the movie.


Anonymous said...

Glad you could squeeze that one in!

Busy and happy, from the sounds of it... I like that! Me too, by the way!!

XOXO... Njt-meister

ZantiMissKnit said...

Okay, so please don't say David's name in "knocked up" in the same sentence, mmmmm, 'kay?