Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I saw 2 movies this weekend and you get to hear my reveiws....

#1 I am Ledgend
The movie was good. If youre a fan of the novella, dont go into the movie thinking its like the book. It is absolutly NOTHING like the book,,,,BUT it was a great movie...even though the vampires were cgi. Let me just say, if these kind of movies were nominated for Oscars, Will smith should be nominated for an oscar. He really nailed the Man unraveling in a fucked up world role. His relationships with the dog and the manequins were touching, depressing, funny, cute, everything. Let me tell you, I did tear up a few times. Once during a flashback and once....cant say. I say go see it alone for will's acting and the dogs acting.
#2 Children of Men.
It's that movie that came out last year where all the women are infertile so the human race is doomed, until clive owen finds a lone pregnant girl. I thought it was going to be okay, but i didnt know it was going to be amazing. The movie really floored me. Clive Owen is the relcutant hero and is amazing. i really dont know how to describe it. The movie was dark and disturbing. Basically, the people vs the british goverment in a bloody worse than WW2 kind of way. I honestly would see it again. Michael Cain is in it, he based his character on John Lennon. Go see it if Dark, depressing, and making you thik mvoeis are your thing.

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