Monday, July 16, 2007


Well, saturday night I took David to see Bowling For Soup. Ive missed them every other time they hd beearound so I was extremly excited

and nervous of course. I will lo around for the set list online, but the show was amazing. The Boys are frigging hillarious and they played somemusic from their old albums too. maybe like 2 or 3 from almost every album. Theven played Belgium which is a old one, not one I expect hem to play. UI got a few pictures. Mostly of Erik, the bass player because I may have a small crush on him....I know he's married but whatever. We locked eyes a few times lol Ahhhh that was nice. Jaret and I locked eyes too but I dont have a crushonhim lol. Well, the show was fantatic. I want to see them again. That last picture is of them playing teir cover of I wanna be sedated. Dosent look like it on Jaret's face huh? Every break in the song, he would make funny faces so the pictures we all were taking would be funny.

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